17 LA

Music makes people feel and it takes you back in time, which is the main reason why I created this blog. I hope to work for a sick record label one day, or made even own a label. But for now, I’m just a listener who enjoys surprising myself and some good iced chai latte.

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17 CT

For as long as I can remember, I have found happiness and comfort in music. I will be pursuing a career in Marketing, and I have the privilege of doing so in a college city filled with culture and concerts. I’m proud to be the East Coast rep for Textured.

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20 SB/LA

Music basically dictates my life, I am pretty okay with that though. I plan on hopefully becoming a Music Marketing Manager or something along those lines. Pineapples are cool. Quality coffee shops are my second home. Somehow I fit life in between all of my sleeping, I make it work.

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18 SB/LA

Pre-Psych major but my dream job is something along the lines of a record label owner. My favorite genre of music is anything that sounds good. I’m usually always listening to music or talking about it. Live music has been a huge part of my life ever since I went to my first concert and it continues to make my life 150% worthwhile to this day.

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21 HTX

My first concert ever, Metallica. Age 6. I remember sitting on my dad’s shoulders jamming out with thousands of people to lyrics I didn’t quite understand. That’s when I knew music would always be the center of my life. I’ve attended dozens of shows since, slowly merging my passion for photography with music. Find me listening to LANY 24/7. xo

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23 TX

Music has always been a key element in my life. When I was 7, I had already decided that blink-182 was my favorite band. As I grew older, I began to venture off on my own music-driven journey, far away from the music I was raised on. That journey began 16 years ago and it has been the only constant in my life, along-side photography. I got into shooting photos about 8 years ago (shooting motocross) and it made me see things from a different angle. When I’m at a show I want to capture what I’m feeling, not just what the show looks like. It makes the photo more personal and my goal is to convey that to an audience.

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