Playlist: Summer Night Drive 

Got a new playlist for you guys! This one is meant for those night drives driving downtown with your friends or even by yourself. Put this on and the good vibes will be flowing.  Featuring: Kehlani, Tyler The Creator, Zayn, The Internet, and many more.  listen to the playlist here: X -v  Advertisements

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Interview: BØRNS

Garrett Borns (BØRNS) has attracted various music lovers due to his unique voice and stellar debut album, Dopamine. He moved from Michigan to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams, and since then he has toured with Charli XCX, Bleachers, Lewis Del Mar and Mumford & Sons, which has lead him to gain a fan base […]

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July 2016

Summer is officially here. New music keeps coming in various forms. Some are even surprises. These are nine songs that we believe will get you in the mood to explore and have an adventurous summer. Playlist can be heard here x. Quit // LANY LANY dropped a surprise EP called, kinda not that long ago, […]

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I’m not usually one to randomly check out a band’s music without being smacked in the face by it through online playlists or opening acts. Even so, about a month ago, I decided to check out a band that Velvet Jones (a small concert venue in downtown Santa Barbara) announced on Twitter simply because I found […]

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June 2016

June is the start of summer, which is filled with new faces and some recognizable ones. As we hit the midway point of the year, and life keeps rapidly evolving, music knows how to comfort us. From going to place to place, to studying like there’s no tomorrow, to enjoying a life by going to […]

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