The Walters via Bandcamp. 

Imagine sitting by the beach, the waves crashing against the sand and the warm sun setting along the horizon in front of you. The sunset is vibrant and alive, with colors so saturated and wonderful, you wonder to yourself if what you’re witnessing is real life and not just a magnificent painting.

Imagine the sound of rain gently tapping on the window besides you as you drink your favorite warm drink and read your favorite book.

Imagine walking in a large field full of beautiful flowers of various kinds (or, none at all!). The sun is high in the sky and you and your friends are running around, feeling the cool, spring breeze flow past you.

These scenarios all convey a sense of warm happiness within me that I could never explain to its fullest potential. I never thought that I would find a band with music that could convey such a feeling, but I believe I have.

The Walters is a 5-piece soft rock band from Chicago, Illinois with two full albums, one EP, and one single released on iTunes, Spotify, and their bandcamp page. The five-piece consists of Luke Olson (singer and lead guitar), Walter Kosner (lead guitar), MJ Tirabassi (vocalist and guitarist), Danny Wells (bass guitar and keys), and Charlie Ekhaus (drums). Each member plays a very important role, as all instruments are easily heard and appreciated in each of their songs.

I was first introduced to this band with their fun, upbeat song New Girl (Tom’s Song). With a catchy chorus, retro vibes and wonderful guitar solos, New Girl (Tom’s Song) had me hooked ever since the first time I listened to it. I quickly looked the band up and found their bandcamp, where I was introduced to their two albums: Songs For Dads and Young Men.  I bought them both and then found their other singles on iTunes and purchased those, too. The excitement of finding a band whose entire discography appeals to you is unlike any other, and I was feeling just that as I listened to each and every one of their songs. Not only did I find their overall sound to be incredibly delightful, but their lyrics actually meant something and were so well sung with splendid backing vocals – I honestly can’t get enough.

If I could describe their sound in two words, I would have to say: sublime and relaxing. Each of their songs give me this wonderful, warm feeling in my chest that makes me feel extremely content with life. Their music makes me appreciate the beauty that is nature, the sky, and even the lives that surround my own.

My favorite songs by The Walters would have to be Fancy Shoes, City Blues, and Autumn Leaves.

If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack to end your summer and get through the fall, then you should definitely give their tunes a listen.-j

The Walters’ official website here x.

Listen to The Walters here iTunes Spotify or Bandcamp.


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