September 2016

Summer is over, even though in California the sun is shining 90% of the time. School has started, which starts the “I’m doing so many things at once” phase of life. But music never stops evolving. This is the month of new records and singles, so here’s to you September. Don’t let me down. My ears and heart are ready. Listen to our monthly playlist here x.

Pain // De La Soul Feat. Snoop Dogg

With the release of De La Soul’s latest record, and the Anonymous Nobody…, their single “Pain” caught my ears. The song itself is smooth throughout, but it can get you up and moving. Snoop’s part creeps in perfectly which makes the song perfect.

Bonfire // The Hunna

The four piece indie rock band, The Hunna dropped their debut record, 100 recently and it’s incredible. “Bonfire” is the stand out track on this record. The U.K. natives start the song off slow, then hits with a repetitive drum beat which turns loud. This is their first debut song, which gave them uniqueness.

Timeless // James Blake Feat. Vince Staples

James Blake brought up Vince Staples on stage at Glastonbury to perform this version of “Timeless,” and ever since the world was awaiting for what’s to come next. The studio version dropped and I fell in love again. The rework of this song is magnificent. Blake’s use of a devilish synthesizer on Vince’s voice gives this song new life.

33 “GOD” // Bon Iver

Justin Vernon out does himself in every aspect of his music. “33 “God”,” starts off with a piano but like always, Vernon knows how to use his synths to emphasize emotion. The sudden beat drops mixed with his vocals in the song are so dreamy. It seems like everything he does is pure perfection.  His third studio album, 22, A Million, is set to release September 30.

Get Low // James Vincent McMorrow

While listening to Beats 1 as I get ready in the morning, I stumbled upon this song. “Get Low” was memorizing. McMorrow’s voice is unique and soft and makes the song lovable. He latest record We Move is out now.

Coins // Local Natives

Ever since Local Natives released, “Coins” it has been playing nonstop in my rotation. The guitars in this song are incredible mixed with lead singer, Taylor Rice’s vocals. The song in general is such a beauty and a different sound from Local Natives past albums. Their latest, Sunlit Youth is out now. 

Youth // Glass Animals

Glass Animals deliver their best sound yet on their newest record How To Be A Human Being. The elements of electronic and indie sound is what defines Glass Animals. “Youth” is a song that gets you ready to go, whether it be a work out or a dance party in a room, the repetitiveness makes you want to move.

The Greatest // Sia Feat. Kendrick Lamar

Sia teamed up with Kendrick Lamar for her newest single, “The Greatest.” At first I wasn’t sure where Lamar would fit but the transition run smoothly and Kendrick did what he does best.

Told You I’d Be With The Guys // Cherry Glazerr

Recently signed to Secretly Canadian, Cherry Glazerr debuted their latest single, “Told You I’D Be With The Guys.” The band is known to have short simple songs, but here they stepped out of their comfort zone. Lead singer, Clementine Creev delivers her best song yet. 



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