Frank Ocean: Blonde

Blonde via Tumblr. 

I know I am about 2 weeks too late on dropping this article in decent timing, but school and life gets crazy just a little sometimes. On the other hand if you think this article on Frank Ocean’s highly (HIGHLY) anticipated album was not coming, boy get it together you were wrong. I was 16 I believe when Channel Orange released and now with the release of Blonde  I am 30 with 2 kids and a career.

Okay but for real let me get a tad emotional and real serious. Frank Ocean to me is a once in a lifetime artist that I and so many others were blessed to be around to witness this musical genius and his career. Many nights I listened to his first album with, no lie, tears down my face because to me it was that epic of an album. Needless to say my emotional level was wrecked and off the charts when Frank came out from wherever he locked himself in to create his sophomore album. The wait, no matter how many times I complained like a little bitch let’s face it, was so beyond worth it. Shoutout to Frank this is my official apology for not understanding that you did not owe us an album on our time.

Now the album starts off with “Nike” which annoyed me at first because of course after all this time the first track on the album does not even have his true voice till about halfway through the track. Then proceeding that is a standout track “Ivy” which most people say is their favorite, from what I have seen out on social media at least, but “Pink+White” is just everything I did not know I needed and more. That track to me is a huge 10/10. Another shoutout to Frank’s mom in this album, I though this was a clever way to introduce another standout track for me which is “Solo”. “Self Control”(Shoutout pt 3 for my boy Austin from Slow Hollows on this track), “Nights”, and “White Ferrari” also hold a special place in my heart. I mean the entirety of this album just leaves me speechless but I mean I can play favorites can’t I?

Listening to this album through and through multiple times a day since the release I am just continously blow away by the intricate layers and composition of each track on Blonde. Overall I am really truly blessed that this album is out because it was nothing I thought it was and better than anything I was thinking. Thank you Frank, your hard work on this for so long is much appreciated. -v

Buy Blonde here.

Listen to Blonde exclusively on Apple Music.



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