HUNNY & The Frights Live at The Constellation Room

The Frights on stage. Shot By Jessica.

On a night that I assumed would be not-so-frightening, that wave of relief was washed away as I was surrounded by endless nose bleeds, moshing, kicks to the face, and poor stage divers. Although this proved to be an obstacle when it came to trying to focus on the music, the atmosphere in the room would not have been the same without it.

This ongoing hype that engulfed the crowd fueled the energy of every band that took the stage. Hours of waiting in the blazing heat meant nothing to these fans as long as they got support several of their favorite bands. Watching them take the stage was something that they would never forget, and as soon as the bands got to experience this crowd, I am certain that this is a night they would cease to forget as well.

Gym Shorts would take the stage first, and it was easy to see that the crowd did not expect what this four-piece was about to unleash on them. Gym Shorts is the definition of “something I have never heard before”, which is a hard title to acquire considering it is quite easy for artists to influence each other and in turn become another version of who poured into their sound. This band has a very distinct style. There is not one fluid melody throughout their songs, but rather a multitude that your ears could attend to. It may take one a while to get into their set, but once you allow yourself to tune in to their raw, old school sound, Gym Shorts becomes quite enjoyable. Fair warning though: you may or may not go deaf in the process so do yourself a favor and avoid being too close to the speakers.

The Frights would follow, exuding an electricity from the moment they touched the stage. Their presence was felt through the entirety of the room as their sounds painted smiles on the faces of every person in the crowd. Due to the excitement caused by the band, the inevitable art of skill-less stage diving began, and a number of innocent people took a few kicks to the face. However, constant reassurance from the band itself that it was important to them that everyone was safe was enough to keep those smiles plastered. The Frights are insanely talented and weeping with energy, yet caring and humble all the same. This is evident in the way that carry themselves and address their fans both on and off stage. Seeing The Frights live is definitely worth the trip, but come prepared to get wild or get bruised.

Hunny on stage. Shot by Jessica.

HUNNY six-piece band was the last to take the stage, and did not hesitate to take full advantage of the small space in The Constellation Room. The crowd was draped in lights that beamed pink and blue while HUNNY’s sounds poured off of the stage and into the air. Taking it in was like watching something out of a 70’s movie, but breathing (or rather howling) the words of every song was a constant reminder that this was real. Listening to a HUNNY song is a journey, but hearing that same song live and shouting the words from your lungs is an experience. If I could see the air above me during songs like “La Belle Femme”, “Broken Glass”, or “Parking Lot” it would be filled with angst, love, and heartache all at the same time. It is a type of release unlike something I have ever felt before, and it is a moment I got to share in a room full of people who would be able to relate to my experience. Unfortunately, the stage diving during this set was not any better than it was before, but similar to The Frights, HUNNY was able to mask this discomfort with their sound.

This love would only continue to grow as front-man Jason Yarger dedicated a cover of “The Boys Are Back In Town” to  The Frights’ drummer and birthday boy, Marc Finn. If one was not already lost in love by this point in the night, this would definitely take them over. The show as a whole was a movie that could not be scripted, nor re-created.

Praise be to the brave souls that survived it for a second night in a row!


Listen to Hunny here.

Listen to The Frights here.

Listen to Gym Shorts here.


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