Interview: BØRNS

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Garrett Borns performing at the Santa Monica Pier. Shot by Yesenia.

Garrett Borns (BØRNS) has attracted various music lovers due to his unique voice and stellar debut album, Dopamine. He moved from Michigan to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams, and since then he has toured with Charli XCX, Bleachers, Lewis Del Mar and Mumford & Sons, which has lead him to gain a fan base of his own.

A packed crowd on the Santa Monica Pier was the ideal show for the 21st century terrestrial loverboy. Fans lined up since the early hours of the morning to get a perfect spot for the show that was happening later on tonight.  From opening the show with the upbeat tune of “Seeing Stars”, to a surprise cover of the smiths, and ending the show with a cover of “Heroes” by David Bowie which featured a mic drop, there was never a dull moment. He memorized the crowd from start to finish. They couldn’t get enough of Michigan native. Everyone was dancing and singing at the top of their lungs. The show was truly a dream.

A couple weeks prior to the Santa Monica show I had the honor to chat with BØRNS about Dopamine, music, and life on the road.

Textured Music: What are your opinions on the LA music scene and where do you play a part in it?

BØRNS: The LA music scene is a pretty wide array of artists and producers. I think the environment lends itself to a certain vibe of music. It was the first time I recorded an album in full sunlight and I think it affected the songs in an uplifting way.

TM: Where would you say your love for music first arose?

B: I was young. Probably just absorbing the records my folks would play.

TM: Here at TM, we are memorized by your unique falsettos and your stellar debut record. How was the recording process for “Dopamine” and what was the inspiration behind it?

B: Thanks very much. The process was a collaboration between Tommy English and me. We played all the instruments on the record and some of the mood and lyrics were inspired by 70s Playboys.

TM: Favorite lyric you’ve written, so far?

B: I forget about time and space but I can’t stop thinking about your face.

TM: What’s your favorite part of making music?

B: Being completely lost in the process. It can be very disorienting and that’s very inspiring.

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Garrett Borns. Shot by Yesenia.

TM: Will we be expecting a sophomore record anytime soon?

B: I’ve been touring nonstop since Dopamine dropped, so once I’m off tour I’ll be back in the studio.

TM: Who’s idea was it to get female instrumentalist for your live band? Did it occur naturally? because it’s pretty cool.

B: Kristen and Misty happened to be the best musicians I could find. I’m very lucky to have them in my band.

TM: Would you rather play to a small, intimate crowd, or a larger crowd? (Both have amazing energy!)

B: It really depends on the mood of the evening. I enjoy both.

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Garrett Borns. Shot by Yesenia.

TM: What other things do you enjoy spending time on besides music?

B: Reading things, finding thrift shops, getting lost on a hiking trail.

TM: What was your first, “Mom, I made it!” moment?

B: When I glued macaroni on a popsicle picture frame in preschool.

TM: Any local bands/artist you are currently digging?

B: I’m on tour with a band called Lewis Del Mar at the moment. Great dudes and they play their asses off.

TM: Ice Cream or Cookies?

B: Yes please.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Garrett Borns. Shot by Yesenia. 

All photos were shot on an IPhone by Yesenia.


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