July 2016


Summer is officially here. New music keeps coming in various forms. Some are even surprises. These are nine songs that we believe will get you in the mood to explore and have an adventurous summer. Playlist can be heard here x.

Quit // LANY

LANY dropped a surprise EP called, kinda not that long ago, and proved why they’re a summer band. “Quit” is the fifth song off the EP which has a catchy synth to get you in the summer mood. The iPhone volume sound in the beginning of the song shows how unique the band is and how they put detail in their music.

Disappear Here // Bad Suns

After being away for about two years, Bad Suns are back with a new single. The band introduced a new sound in “Disappear Here.” There’s a bit more pop influences, but their signature is still evident. A sophomore album is coming in the fall.

Make It Up // Shura

Shura’s debut album, Nothing’s Real released today and it’s a total gem. Her soft voice powers through in her album and establishes groovy R&B sounds. She gives off a bit of HAIM vibes which are perfect for a drive.

Friends // Francis and the Lights Feat. Bon Iver

When I heard this song last night I thought how Bon Iver’s  voice can a simple beat explosive. The song starts off slow, then the beats build around the chorus with a layered auto tune type voice. Everything in this song works together.

Desirée // Blood Orange

Dev Hynes from Blood Orange released his latest album, Freetown Sound was released days before July 1 and the music world payed full attention. “Desirée” blew me away on the first listen because I didn’t know what to expect. The song is real and cinematic due to the the talking clips in various songs. Everyone should go listen to Freetown Sound.

Get Over It // RATBOY

The beat of “Get Over It” sounds like a sample of an old western movie, but the plot twist here is the lyric Jordan Cardy, aka RATBOY, is rapping over the beat. His style is hip-hop meets indie rock, and “Get Over It” is for sure a song to be listening to this summer.

Fountain Of Youth // Local Natives

A slow tune by Local Natives can soundtrack your beach day. Local Natives always put me in a good mood no matter what’s going on. “Fountain Of Youth” is song that makes summer feel forever. It’s great for an outdoor adventure with friends.

Hurt Me // Låpsley

Låpsley and Shura have some similarities but Låpsley voice has more power and ad transcend a bit more. There’re more electronic influence behind her sound. “Hurt Me” is the first song off her album, Long Way Home.

Hard To Read // Day Wave

I recently discovered Day Wave thanks to Jessica and the first thing that came to mind was roadtrip vibes. “Hard To Read” is a relaxing tune that can be enjoyed almost anywhere. I fell in love with this moody indie music that made me feel like I was in a movie. Day Wave is a must listen.



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