Clean Spill members (from left to right) Cameron Crabtree, Charlie Fawcett, Pat Curren, and Geoffrey Shea pictured above. Photo by @jessewald via Instagram.

I’m not usually one to randomly check out a band’s music without being smacked in the face by it through online playlists or opening acts. Even so, about a month ago, I decided to check out a band that Velvet Jones (a small concert venue in downtown Santa Barbara) announced on Twitter simply because I found their band name to be very intriguing – and I’m glad I did.

With a relaxing, yet upbeat, beachy vibe, Clean Spill’s music drew me in much faster than I had anticipated. While the band merely consists of two guitars, a bass guitar, and drums, each instrument is emphasized incredibly well, which gives each and every song brilliant depth. The singer’s vocals also add to the originality of the band as they deliver amusing and meaningful lyrics through a unique voice that blends well with their overall sound. All in all, their sound is unique and interesting in the best way possible.

As of right now, they have two releases on Spotify and iTunes: Sid/Come Around and Xo. Sid/Come Around consists of (shockingly enough) two songs named “Sid” and “Come Around”. Additionally, their first EP, Xo, consists of four songs: “Montezuma”, “Sit Up”, “Remember Me”, and “Xo”. It would be tempting to say that “Montezuma”, with its catchy chorus and groovy riffs, is my favorite; but then I hear “Remember Me” and “Sid” (and honestly any one of their other songs) and I immediately question my decision.

After realizing how much I dig their sound, I quickly purchased tickets to their show at Velvet Jones and gathered a few of my friends to join me.

The first time I see a band live, there’s always that small part of me that’s afraid the band might disappoint; however, as soon as Clean Spill took the stage, the mere idea of probable disappointment dissolved into the good vibes and superb sounds emanating from the stage. The crowd was wonderful as well. They started tiny mosh pits sporadically throughout the band’s set and nearly everyone was dancing (for good reason, too.) These guys are incredible live. When you attend their live shows, you can expect nothing less than killer guitar riffs, great stage presence, and fantastic tunes.

On June 17th, 2016, Clean Spill opened for Day Wave at The Echo in Los Angeles and I was given the opportunity to go. After a terrific set filled mainly with a bunch of amazing new songs, I was able to meet up with them and talk for a few minutes. I hadn’t prepared a proper interview, but I managed to ask the guys our signature question:

“Ice cream or cookies?”

Charlie (drums): “Reese’s peanut butter ice cream because I like Reese’s. I like Reese’s cookies too, but I like the ice cream better.”

Pat (vocals/guitar): “Chocolate chip cookies with milk because [the cookies] can be warm. Ice cream’s just cold.”

Cam (guitar): “Bubble gum ice cream because it’s nice. You have little pieces of gum in the ice cream. It’s interesting.”

Geoffrey (bass guitar): “Chick-fil-A cookies because they’re so good.” (Not sponsored!)

Clean Spill is one of the nicest, most talented, and most interesting (Chick-fil-A cookies?!) bands I have ever come across. I can’t wait to hear more music and attend more of their gigs in the future!

Be sure to catch them at any of their upcoming shows as they will be supporting KITTEN throughout July. They’ll also be playing another Los Angeles show on July 24th during Lobster Fest. [All dates listed on Bandsintown and their official website (linked below).] -j

Clean Spill’s Official Website here x.

Listen to Clean Spill here Spotify  or Soundcloud.



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