Why Tyler, the Creator is more than music

Group photo of Tyler and the models of the show via Instagram.

There is no doubt in my mind that Tyler, the Creator is one of the most new influential and creative musicians out there in the world. Everything that is apart of his world he had a strong hand in developing. The colorful, positive, and progressive ways that make up Tyler’s life was all a deliberate and thoughtful decision made by T himself, nobody tells him what to wear or how to go about his career ever.

T has transcended past the usual band merch that you buy at the table when you go see someone in concert, he has created a whole world that represents who he is and who his fans are. Just like his music is a vehicle for expression and he uses that to connect with himself and his fans, Golf Wang serves that very similar purpose.

Dylan Thinnes in Golf via Instagram

Tyler has the free creative reign on this clothing line, he brings his own flair and what he wanted into the clothes. Some of most wanted clothing pieces over these past years have stemmed from his creations. The sketches from his black moleskin notebook truly come to life and are being received by his fans very highly. You can see his clothes running around the streets of LA almost every day. His clothes bring the perfect aesthetic to the skaters on Fairfax and teens and adults alike whose wardrobe strays from the color black on a usual basis.

Tyler & Amandla Stenberg pot show via Twitter. 

Fairfax was the place to snatch these coveted, well coveted in the Tyler fandom, fashion items. The line had stretched to caps, socks, t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, windbreakers, puff jackets, and now very recently pants, shorts, and his own shoe line. There is even an actual pair of earrings or or faux fur coat strewn throughout the Golf Wang line.

Tyler’s sketch ideas via Twitter.

To see his latest and greatest pieces, look no further than a few days ago on June 11th when Tyler teamed up with the creative director of Moschino to put on his own fashion show at LA Live. This show debuted Golf Le Fleur, his new shoe line dropping later this year, and it also debuted his latest designs come to life in one of the most inspiring and entertaining fashion shows out there.

Lucas Bin in Golf Wang via Instagram.

From skate ramps to mini dirt bikes on the runway, there was never a dull moment in the show. Tyler also used this show as an opportunity to unveil a new song entitled, “My Ego”. You will never not see him decked out in all Golf Wang gear, his clothing line and his music mesh together in the perfect way. One of my favorite aspects of going to see T in concert or going to Flog Gnaw Carnival is wearing my special Golf Wang clothing and seeing what rare items people are wearing. Tyler has created is own culture with his music and it seems now more than ever that so many people want to be apart of it.

From the first shirt design to being apart of every aspect of putting on his first hit fashion show, Tyler has shown that making your own shit happen, your way, and what you want to create can be something truly special. -v

Listen to Tyler here x.

Watch the full Golf Fashion Show 2016 here x.


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