Shots: Magic Man Live at The House of Blues Houston

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Alex Caplow, Vocals

I arrived minutes before showtime, rushing to the photo pit to set up for the night. The room was packed, the crowd was cheering with excitement, while bopping along to the intermission playlist. I immediately felt genuinely excited for this show just from feeding off the crowd’s energy.

Alex Caplow (Shot with an iPhone 6s)


Alex Caplow
Sam Vanderhoop Lee, Lead Guitarist

9:45pm rolls around and the curtains unveil the beauty that is Magic Man. Guitarist, Sam Vanderhoop Lee and Vocalist, Alex Caplow take the stage with their touring members and the crowd goes absolutely wild. Opening with “Apollo”, you could hardly hear Caplow for how loudly the fans were screaming the lyrics back. One thing that struck me with this crowd is how all phones were tucked away. The fans were truly THERE living in the moment and that is such a rarity with modern day concerts. With funky pop tunes like “Paris,” “Catherine,”and “Chicagoland,” Magic Man is sure to deliver a great time to anyone who listens. xo -s

Alex Caplow
Sam Vanderhoop Lee (Left) Alex Caplow (Right)
Alex Caplow wielding a Texas Flag presented by a fan. (Shot with an iPhone 6s)

Listen to Magic Man here.

Keep up with Magic Man here.


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