Happy One Year TM

My first ever post was an album review on Twenty One Pilots fourth studio album, Blurryface, which was the first thing I’ve ever published online. I pretty much started this blog out of boredom, if I’m being quite honest.Today, I am happy to introduced another member of the TM team. Did I think I would have four of my greatest pals writing and managing this blog with me? No I didn’t. But here my little blog of Textured is representing both coasts. In honor, each one of us has picked a favorite album and concert from the past year. (May 18, 2015-May 18th, 2016)



V: Now, my favorite album that has come out in the past year, since May of 2015, it was a true struggle because so many good albums have come out lately it was hard to pick. I tried to pick one that I can listen to through and through, time and time again, and that would have to be, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it by the 1975. This album has the perfect flow throughout the entirety of it, it is magical. Seeing this album perform really solidified the strong feelings I have for how insanely good it is.

Y: I heard of The Internet due to their single “Girl,”  but I never really payed attention. It wasn’t until early this year where I actually listened closely and fell in love. Ego Death has not left my rotation since. The rhythms and vibes off this album are contagious. The R&B, soul, and hip-hop genres mix in sync together and make Ego Death genreless. This Grammy nominated album, deserves all the hype because it actually delivers a new type of sound.

J: On May 25nd 2015, The Vaccines released their 3rd album entitled English Graffiti. As an avid fan of The Vaccines, I purchased this album the minute it became available – and I loved every second of it. Starting off with an incredible up-beat “Handsome” and ending on a light note with “Miracle,” this album is a perfect representation of The Vaccines’ sound. Though a good majority of the album is entirely upbeat, there are also a few slower songs such as “(All Afternoon) In Love” and “English Graffiti.” Another addition to this album that makes it even more special is the spontaneity of the entirely-instrumental Undercover that starts off completely silent and slowly fades into a melodic array of sounds that make me feel nostalgic for something that I’ve yet to experience. It was insanely difficult for me to decide; but two of my favorite songs off of this album are “Minimal Affection” and “English Graffiti” – both completely different in terms of tempo and overall feeling. This mixture of upbeat, fun songs and light, peaceful melodies make for an astounding album that anyone can enjoy.

M: 100 years into the future, Logic’s album The Incredible True Story serves as a glimpse back into the past for Kai and Thomas who are on a journey to find an inhabitable planet. The album dropped in November and tells the story of the two astro-explorers who are venturing to the planet Paradise, exploring themes ranging from human existence to rap politics. Logic’s storytelling style and complex flows set him apart from the generic rappers who only talk about girls and money– but if he did that, I’d still probably love it.

S: September 18th, 2015. Indie Rock band, The Front Bottoms released their fifth studio album, Back on Top. Being a veteran fan of this band and front man, Brian Sella, for years, I had my preorder ready and was counting down the days. When I finally got that email, I was nothing less than elated. With wity and biting lyrics, you are sure in for a treat. Sella’s personal emotions turned lyrics and raw vocals are what makes their music so endearing. From tropical melodies like “The Plan” to funeral organ tunes like “Plastic Flowers,” this band is sure to deliver a song EVERYONE can get behind.


J: Hunny headlined a show at The Constellation Room on March 19, 2016 and it was possibly the best concert experience I’ve ever had. Granted, Hunny is my favorite band to see live; nevertheless, this show was absolutely phenomenal. Wax Idols kind of co-headlined with Hunny and they threw out the most fantastic The Cure vibes throughout their entire set and the crowd was loving it. Once Hunny came on stage, however, the entire crowd went wild. Everyone was screaming and the energy was INSANE. Hunny played all of their released songs such as Natalie and July along with many new, unreleased songs. The crowd was singing, dancing, crowd surfing… it was honestly the most fun I’ve ever had at a concert.

V: My favorite concert for 2016 would have to be when I saw Kanye West at FYF this past August. FYF all around was an unreal experience, but this show was actually one of my top memories so far in my life. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be 10 rows away from Yeezus, and having him perform all of my favorite songs throughout the years. It is a show I will never forget and a show I would want to relive more than any other. Being a fan of his since Late Registration, this was a major night in my life.

Y: My favorite electronic trio, Years & Years performed to a sold out crowd at The Wiltern Theater. I was so nervous that night because I had high hopes going into the show and I was, and I am still, in love with their debut record. I had written about them before, and that just made me even more excited for the show. That night, I danced, sung, and felt on top of the world. The crowd was so energetic, singing every word, which gave me so many chills. Besides being close, I did have a moment with lead singer, Olly Alexander, and that made this show even more special.

M: I saw Zedd at the Oakdale Theatre on October 5, 2015 and I can easily say that it was one of the best days of my life. The set incorporated Zedd’s greatest hits (such as “Stay The Night feat. Hayley Williams”) along with the True Colors album tracklist. This was my first EDM show– prior to this, I had only seen artists and bands that perform vocally. It was cool to see Zedd, a small person, bring a stage covered in massive LED displays to life with visuals that he helped to create. The show was large, yet still felt intimate and created a sense of unity within the audience.

S: I remember this day so vividly, waking up bright and early so ready to make the two hour drive to Austin this past August, to see my favorite band, LANY perform to a sold out crowd. With their debut EP, I loved you, blaring in the background, I thought about what flowers to bring, as this has become a concert tradition, and it felt only right giving these boys the best, roses. Impatiently waiting in line, they finally released us into the venue, securing my spot center stage, right in front of PJK’s mic stand. When LANY walked on stage, the feeling in the air was indescribable. I felt more at home than I ever have anywhere else. Alongside my friends, singing and dancing and having the time of my life, “ILYSB” was next on the setlist. Suddenly my custom LANY hat was no longer on my head, but fell onto PJK’s, and I handed the roses to each member. I found myself being serenaded to my favorite song by my favorite person. Never have I felt more alive. Listening to the crowd cheer and applaud these boys who have worked so hard to be where they are, a feeling you can never describe.


Happy One Year, TM. Here’s to what the future holds.

Love, The TM Staff



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