James Blake: The Colour In Anything

James Blake via Twitter
James Blake disappeared from the music world for a cool minute. Three years to be exact. Prior to his album announcement there was already a buzz due to his singles released earlier this year, which at least gave out a sign that he was alive and ready to comeback. Plus his special appearance in Beyonce’s Lemonade served as another confirmation that he’s back in action. But when he announced the album track list, last week via Twitter, the world would somehow feel at ease soon. The Color In Anything is a magnificent heartfelt album filled with beautiful production.

With the help of Rick Rubin, Blake delivered an album that truly stunned the world. He didn’t do it himself though. He accomplished this extensive 17 track record with the help of Justin Vernon and Frank Ocean. The Color In Anything is filled with R&B, electronic, soul, and jazzy components that work well collaboratively.

Straight as the album begins, a howling Blake appears and starts to mesmerize you, in a way you never thought was possible. “Radio Silence” is beautiful four minute piece that automatically sways you into the album. Blake’s tender vocals makes this album connect with your feelings and makes you ponder. “Points” starts slowly with a mellow awing piano arrangement, which tricks you into thinking this will be another soft one, but as the words “no longer here” hits, a creepy beat slithers in and mixes well with the overall tone of the song. It’s pure musical genius. 

Blake showcases a different version of himself in The Color In Anything. “Love Me In Whatever Way” hypnotic synths bring out Blake’s vocals rather than hiding them. “Timeless” was suppose to have a Kanye feature, but it can’t even be imagined because the song is glorious the way it is.

Best Song: “f.o.r.e.v.e.r.” is the a true gift. The first time I personally listened to it in full, I teared up because “f.o.r.e.v.e.r.” pours out all your bottled up emotions. Blake’s vocals are on a whole other level. He knows where to be gentle and knows the right time to power up. The piano gives a cinematic feel, because the only thing overpowering it is Blake’s voice. 

The Kanye styled electronic influence shines in “Put That Away And Talk To Me” as Blake uses a bit of auto tune. “I Need a Forest Fire” features Bon Iver and it’s possessive which suits a gloomy California day. The title track, “The Colour In Anything, ” is a masterpiece. It mirrors “f.o.r.e.v.e.r.”, but it’s unique as Blake harmonizes with himself. The song is raw and filled with truth. 

The closing track, “Meet You In the Maze”,  is something out of this world. It doesn’t feel human at all. Blake outdid himself and used auto tune again, but it helps the song, instead of ruining it. The illusion of having more than one person signing is there, and it’s mind blowing. There are no instruments used at all. How is that even possible? Blake’s harmonizes and keeps his rhythm with just his voice. It’s unbelievable. There are nothing but praises for Blake as he shows off his comeback, and his record is the best thing you’ll hear this year. It hits you on all levels, and leaves you speechless. -y

Buy The Color In Anything here

Listen to The Color In Anything here


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