Hippo Campus Live at The Echo

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
From left to right, Nathan Stocker (guitar/vocals), Jake Luppen (vocals/guitars), Whistler Allen (drums/vocals), and Zach Sutton (bass/vocals). Shot by Yesenia.

4pm rolls around on the day of May 6th and I found myself in front of the line at the Echo in Los Angeles, with finals study guide in hand (cause everyone goes to concerts before you have 3 finals right?) and a smile on my face since I was about to see one of my favorite bands live in just a few hours.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Luppen. Shot by Vanessa.

Doors open a few hours later and I am standing next to the stage elated that the concert that is about to start soon. Also this was a special concert because 1/2 of TM writers (me & y) met up for this concert, which was very exciting.Their first opener Jim and Sam started there set and my breath was literally taken away during their set, they were outstanding. Then Riothorse Royale came on and I was a tad more disappointed in them, actual music was fantastic, but the lyrics and the vocals were less impressive.

Stocker, Luppen, and Allen. Shot by Vanessa.

Now onto the main event, the St. Paul natives came on stage and their song “Souls” filled the venue to start off their set. They have been touring the same two EPs for awhile now, Bashful Creatures, and South. Both of course fantastic EPs to showcase their potential to go very far in this industry, but everyone has been itching for new music. Hippo Campus gave us what we wanted and intertwined a few new songs into their setlist including, “Tuesday”, “Way it Goes”, and “Conviction.”  All perfect tunes to add to their repertoire and ones the crowd seemed to enjoy very much.

Stocker, Luppen, Allen, and Sutton. Shot by Yesenia.

These Minnesotans know how to put on a show that makes me dance all night long and have a great fucking time, two things I really look for in concerts. Overall it was a 10/10 and besides almost getting clocked in the forehead by the tip of Jake’s guitar a couple of times throughout the set, it was a superb night and another great concert for the books. If you don’t know this band open up that Spotify, type their names in and give them a listen, it will be so worth it. -v

Listen to Hippo Campus here.

Listen to  Riothorse Royale here.

Listen to Jim and Sam here.

All photos were shot on an IPhone by Yesenia & Vanessa. 


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