May 2016


April proved to be the busiest and toughest month for me. Big decisions were made, lots of school work, and studying in full force. Time went bye so fast,  but just as the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Here’s our monthly playlist. Listen here x.

FML // Kanye West Feat. The Weeknd

Besides having a relatable song off of the life of Pablo, Kanye West takes shots at himself and his fears. This song caught me in the middle of all the madness of April. “Can’t let them get to me….only I can mention me.” As The Weeknd sang Those lyrics got to me and I sat pondering about my decisions. “FML” brings out genuine feelings about life in general and which made me reflect on myself.

I Was Home // Sunflower Bean

“I Was Home” is a jumpy like rock inspired tune from Brooklyn trio, Sunflower Bean. Off of their debut Human Ceremony, these guys know how to rock n’ roll. This song is delivers kick ass vibes. The edgy guitars and the play off of soft female voice mixed in with a male voices makes this song special.

Parasite // Armors

This song has been in the back of my head recently. Armors released this tune a while back but that doesn’t mean I’ll forget it. The mysterious vibe brings out inner emotions of how a person around you can be consuming you and holding you back. As I made big decisions I had to let those “parasites” go, because this is now on me.

Am I Wrong // Anderson .Paak Feat. ScHoolBoy Q

The first time I’ve encountered this song was through Beats 1, of course from where else. Immediately I felt attached to the song because of it’s feel good vibes that make you want to keep moving. The jazzy-pop beats with heavy trumpets and drums instrumentals meshed well together. Plus ScHoolBoy Q’s feature fits the song perfectly.

Never Be Like You // Flume Feat. Kai

The beginning of this song gives off an image of shimmering lights. Kai’s delicate voices perfectly mixes with the beat dropping song. When I first heard this song, I thought it was pretty deep for it to be EDM based. Once I had the song only loop, I understood the meaning of being your confident self.

One Dance // Drake Feat. Wizkid & Kyla

I doubted this song at first because I wasn’t sure what direction drake was taking his song. Then I realized drake is drake and one dance is now on the top of the charts. The simple one-two beat on loop gives this song a base that doesn’t over do it. Plus the reggae influence shape the song to be a banger.

Vowels (And The Importance of Being Me) // Hunny

This song is Hunny’s best song yet. It’s groovy from the start, and once the chorus starts you can’t help sing along. The guitars and smashing drums give this song more life. The concept of the song didn’t really hit me till I had a few listens, like how the band is actually sings about vowels.

Untitled 07 | Levitate // Kendrick Lamar

A creepy beginning delivers a catchy song. Kendrick Lamar keeps out doing himself. Ever since the untitled unmastered release, listeners keep wonder how all these songs were only just b-sides. Kendrick deceives himself in each song composed. “Levitate” is just another example of what he is capable of.

Numbers // Skepta Feat. Pharrell Williams

Skepta delivered an album filled with truth. “Numbers” is the stand out record off of Konnichiwa. The Pharrell feature is also one that works and his verses are so sick. America and the U.K. collaborating is always great to hear especially this one where numbers aren’t viewed any higher.



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