The 1975 Live at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Left to Right, Adam Hann (guitar), George Daniel (drums), Matty Healy (vocals/guitar), and Ross MacDonald (bass). Shot by Vanessa.

I am always excited for my next concert, but there is something extra special about an upcoming 1975 concert that gets me more excited than the rest. I have seen them now a total of four times dating back to early 2013 and they never disappoint.

Something extra special about this show was knowing new material would be sung at this concert due to their recent drop of their second album, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.  A sensational and perfect next step album for the band, if I do say so myself.

Now onto the concert, Japanese House came on and the venue was maybe a 400 hundred people full and the SB Bowl is a 4,500 seat venue. That made me a bit sad that so little people had showed up, I worried what the turn out would be for the main act. As Japanese House closed out their set and 8pm reached nearer then venue started to fill the empty seats, but still left most of all of the back section almost entirely empty.

I could barely contain myself as the lights went dim as the self-entitled “the 1975” intro started to fill the venue. Out they come and show has officially commenced with “Love Me” and everyone in the pit including myself dances along.

The show had a perfect setlist, from one of my all time favorites,”If I Believe You”, to “the City”, to “Menswear”. Watching them live is like living in just one of best moments in time. Every detail they put into their concerts creates the most inviting atmosphere to truly experience their music in the most amazing way. There is just something about how Matty struts around stage with his glass of wine (miss his bottle of wine days) while singing and the lights are just so perfect, that it all comes together to create something very magical. The crowd was a tad frustrating because I think perhaps half actually knew who they were or at least were dedicated fans, but that is a common encounter at the Santa Barbara Bowl unfortunately. Luckily the 1975 are just to attention grabbing for the crowd to distract with their annoying qualities during the entirety of the concert.

The 1975 have not lost my interest yet, and I do not think they will anytime soon. If you ever have a chance to purchase a ticket to see this band I highly recommend you do so, they truly are one of my favorite bands to see live. -V

Listen to The 1975 here.

Listen to The Japanese House here.


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