Interview: KITTEN

Kitten at UCSB. Shot by Jessica.

KITTEN, a kick-ass indie rock band from So-Cal, recently played a free show at The Hub at UCSB for Pride Week and they killed it! Chloe danced passionately, did a signature backflip, and even found a place to climb onto while performing Kitten With A Whip during their finale. After an incredibly energetic show, I was able to chat with Chloe (and even a few of the musicians) about Heaven or Somewhere in Between, Donut Friend, and “birthing” new music!

Textured Music: What are your opinions on the LA music scene and where do you feel you play a part in it?

Chloe Chaidez: My opinion on the LA music scene is it’s ever-changing and I feel like I fit in a kind of unique spot and I feel like a lot of bands that are in the LA scene feel that way. I feel like, musically, no one within the “scene”- or people that play in the rotating venues that are in LA and kind of started that way – play the same kind of music and I think that’s kind of the “scene”. It’s like everyone kind of does their own thing but crosses paths during that.

TM: Any local bands you’re into right now?

CC: I really like Hunny and this artist called VOX.

TM: Both Yesenia and I saw you kill it at The Fonda in January. How do you prep and have so much energy when you’re on stage? It’s impressive.

CC: Thank you! I usually do some meditation or prayer before the set and get into a thankful mindset. I just thank God for everything that I have and everything that I feel that I’ve been given and blessed with and I feel like that sort of radiates on stage. That’s the recent kind of thing but, yeah.

TM: How was the recording process for “Heaven or Somewhere in Between”?

CC: We recorded it on a ranch in like the middle of nowhere, so that was awesome. I feel like it was a big part of the recording process – just that sort of isolation. We were there for a couple weeks and pretty much all the songs were written in that time.

TM: Should we expect a sophomore album anytime soon?

CC: Yeah! We’re working on that now. We’ll be working on that this summer and just, like, in between shows and tours just, like, finishing it.     

TM: Where would you say your love for music first arose?

CC: I used to be a gymnast and I would drive like an hour to my gym and then an hour back – so, like, two hours – and I would listen to a lot of music in that time and, I feel like, that’s kind of where my love for music developed, on those long drives.

TM: When exactly did you say “Hey, I want to be in a band!”?

CC: After I watched School of Rock. I was like, “Oh, shit, I need to do that!”

TM: Would you rather play to a small, intimate crowd or a larger crowd? (Both crowds would have a fantastic amount of energy!)

CC: That’s hard… I mean, medium size, you know? I feel like too big, there’s a disconnect, but small isn’t as exciting… So, a medium size venue with a lot of energy. The size of the venue or the crowd doesn’t matter as much as the energy levels. Because it could be a really big room and, like, no one’s really into it. Or it could be a really small room and there’s, like, 20 people there but they’re all really into it and it’s like the best show.

TM: What other things do you enjoy spending time on besides music?

CC: I love to cook. I love cooking. I really love cooking. I love cooking and working out, I guess. Exercising and stuff. Going to workout classes and dance classes… I’m really into beauty stuff: eyebrows, eyelashes… I feel like I’d want to open my own salon one day. Or I like going to a Korean spa in LA – so amazing. But I feel like cooking is my main hobby.

TM: What’s your favorite dish to prepare?

CC: I make this awesome vegan lasagna and it’s amazing. It has cashew cheese, and this tofu ricotta, mushrooms, tomato, tofu, and it’s seasoned… It’s awesome. I love vegan cooking.


Kitten at UCSB. Shot by Jessica.


TM: What’s your favorite part about making music?

CC: The very beginning of the process. When you’re just birthing it, you know? It’s the most exciting part.

TM: Is there one song that you got the most excited for?

CC: I think all of the music that we’ve made have had that exciting moment. I think, with all of them, there’s that birth aspect of it that’s really exciting. When it’s first created and you’re like, kind of like when you have a kid and you’re like, “Oh, it can be anything! It can be anything!” And it grows up and becomes a drug addict and you’re like, “Oh, I thought you were going to go to Harvard.” So, the beginning is the best part because you’re like, “Oh, it’s going to be so brilliant.”

TM: Ice cream or cookies? 

CC: Vegan ice cream or vegan cookies? That’s a hard one… Vegan cookies probably because there’s some pretty good vegan cookies out there.

Nick: Ice cream or cookies? Donuts. Donut Friend.

Dave: Donut Friend!

Nick: Donut Friend, Highland Park. Very specific about that.

CC: That’s true. ‘Cause most donuts are vegan.

Nick: Well [Donut Friend] has a, the cookie one…

CC: Oh yeah, they have a cookie butter one! It’s like cookie butter and like vegan chocolate.

Nick: It’s a completely vegan donut cut in half and spread with cookie butter in the middle and then dark chocolate and sea salt sprinkled on top. It’s really good – really delicious.

CC: They also have a peanut butter chocolate one…

Nick: Yeah, so, check out Donut Friend!


Kitten at UCSB. Shot by Jessica.




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