Frank perhaps lost in the Ocean?

@FrankOcean but too bad he has no social media for me to actually @ him.

Okay let us talk about the only artist that is somehow still worthy of my time, Frank Ocean. Mixed feelings come to me when I think about this man. I first get so happy and filled with joy because “Channel Orange” is quite possibly my favorite album of all time. On the other hand I try not to flatter this fool too much and then I get very angry because HELLO WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU FRANK?? I have been sitting so nice and patient like a good little fan, but Frank I can’t keep playing games with you anymore man. This game was fun for a bit, nice and mysterious, and now I kind of want to slap you in the face. Not going to deny I would be crying like a baby while doing that because if I ever met you my fangirl will shine through no regrets. But that slap will come and to be honest it is probably well deserved.

It would be better honestly if you never hinted at anything and just dropped some fresh new beautiful jams on the world. Could you do that though? No, of course not. You had to go ahead and make people feel like you would drop some new stuff in the summer of 2015. Perhaps a magazine, not what we really want but it is something I guess. Then promises (EMPTY PROMISES I WILL TELL YOU THAT) of a new album by the end of June I believe it was, then it got moved to July, then what a surprise we were still waiting in August. Now I bought the 2 day FYF Festival pass FOR YOU ONLY BRO. And then two days before you do us dirty like that and dipped chocolate chip on us? Stone cold messed up. I would shut people up at that festival if I even heard a whisper of your flipping name. I mean we did get Kanye West, but what a sad way to get Kanye to be honest.

THEN, OH MY THEN YOU REALLY PUT US ON THE ROLLERCOASTER THAT IS LIFE MAN. Then you proceed to drop off of the face of the planet once again, which I needed some breathing room from you because we were basically in a fight. Kanye has his highly anticipated listening party/fashion show at MSG and I was so excited to finally here “The Life of Pablo”. I go on Twitter and boy was I NOT READY FOR WHAT I SAW. Pictures of your beautiful face, not so great hair, but the best smile my eyes have ever seen. Did my agony end there? Take a big fat guess, no it was not. Wolves is playing now at the show and it is a banger let me tell you, and we reach the end and there were immediate tears. I heard the only voice I ever want to hear for the rest of my life, Frank Ocean’s of course. My ears were not deceiving me, it truly was him, singing NEW MATERIAL?!? It was pure bliss and happiness (I was sobbing the entire time but that is beside the point). His raw and one of a kind voice sang those lyrics perfectly. I was resurrected along with Frank Ocean.

Then it has been how long since TLOP dropped? Not sure the exact length but basically a long ass time and I am once again dying inside due to the fact that Frank continues to toy with my emotions. So Frank if you see this, I see you fam in SoHo or whatever but how about you come back like 100%. I will hold your hand through the process if that is what you need. Come back. -v


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