Tyler, the Creator Live at The Majestic Ventura Theater


Tyler, the Creator. Shot by Vanessa.

For me there is no way I would have rather ended my Spring Break this year than in a sweaty and bruised mess, post Tyler concert. On Saturday April 2nd I lined up in front of the Ventura Majestic Theatre with two of my friends at around 7:30 in the morning, staking our rightful claim in the very front of the line. Excitement filled my body knowing I would be in around 13 hours seeing one of my favorite artists live.

After a very long day in the sun and spending an obscene amount of money on GOLF merch that I have to remind myself was totally worth the $160, I am finally standing up against the highly sought after spot next to the barricade waiting for the concert to start.

The concert started at around 8:30 with Taco gracing the stage to hype up the crowd with a quick, but very solid, DJ set. I mean a DJ set that consists of Kanye’s TLOP album and I am pretty much sold.

Then Tyler’s rendition of Freestyle 4, originally from ‘The Life of Pablo’, starts filling the venue and out bursts Tyler onto the stage and the crowd goes off.

T brings out some of my favorites into the setlist including She, Fucking Young, IFHY, and the crowd pleaser Tamale.

Minus getting jabbed in the ribs and hands slapping my face a time or ten I have never been so hype and so free at a concert. The vibes that Tyler brings to a concert is like no other, and even if you are not that big fan of Tyler I can assure you will have a good time. I actually brought a fan who really was not that big of a fan and she had the best time.

Side note: Tyler and I had a moment in the concert and he thanked me and held my hand, what a moment that was.

All Tyler really wants when it comes to his concerts is for everyone there to let loose, and excuse my profanity, but lose their fucking minds and have a good time. He wants to give you the chance to listen to amazing music and just completely immerse yourself into his concert. And he is truly achieving that goal in each show.

He has not disappointed me since I saw him 3 years ago first time, and I don’t plan on being disappointed by seeing him live anytime soon. -v

Listen to Tyler, the creator here x.


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