March 2016

March has always been the best month of personally and musically. This year might possibly be one of the best years for music. Here are nine songs that remind me of spring and happiness. Here’s to you, March. Listen here x.

Solitude // M83

This song is such a true gem. After not hearing about M83 for a while, they come back with a album announcement. “Solitude” will be one of the song off the band’s latest album, Junk which is set to release April 8th. “Solitude” is a sways the listener into euphoria. The hypnotic beats combined with a lengthy piano arrangement gives this song power and cinematic vibes. It’s a must song for adventures.

Genghis Khan // Mike Snow

The instant this song was on the radio, I was hooked. Mike Snow delivers a love-like anthem. The pop-alt infused song gives a catchy chorus distinct beats to follow. Piano seems the go-to interment to make music, as the song ends with a rhythmic instrumental.

Stranger // MOTHXR

Mutual friends have turned me on to MOTHXR and wow thanks. The Brooklyn band immediately gives off a feel good vibe. “Stranger” is a great song to get a fun night started. The R&B synth like beats can get every party started. The dark pop sounds become dreamy.

Expectations // Sir Sly

After coming back from hiatus, LA based trio Sir Sly come back with a banger. “Expectations” brings out Sir Sly’s unique moody tone. The steady beat throughout the song emphasizes the tingly lyrics, “How did expectations get so high?”, then the beat speeds up and leads to climatic end. This song is only the beginning of the new musical chapter.

Can’t Get Enough Of Myself //  Santigold Feat. B.C.

What a feel good song to fit a happy spring season. Santigold recently 99¢ which delivers a new world of pop music. The rhythm is catchy and the song overall gives off positive confident vibes. It reminds me a bit of the World Cup song previously released. The song is different as beats ans synths go. Santigold showcases her best work yet.

All My Friends // Snakehips Feat. Tinashe and Chance The Rapper

I’ve said this a bunch of times before, but I will say it again. I am very picky when it comes to electronic music, but Snakehips bring out one of the best collaboration to showcase a tune. “All My Friends”, is a groovy R&B/electric song that could soundtrack a sick hangout. The gospel like chorus is the center piece of the song that brings out the singer side of everyone.


Itching for new LANY material and wow they delivered new material with a bang. The electro-pop song takes a jab to picture perfect California. The songs rhythmic flow is smooth with guitar chords popping out here an there.  LANY never disappoint.

Cruel Ways // Drowners

Indie Rock band, Drowners have been on playing on loop for a little while. Now with their release of “Cruel Ways” it gives me another reason to keep listening. The song is loud, filled with emotions, and sick guitar shreds. This band is defiantly one to  watch.

Thank God For Girls // Weezer

Weezer’s newest project is set to release on April 1st, but for now “Thank God For Girls” is the standout single. This song reminds me of early Weezer with more rock influences. It’s loud and in-your-face. The chords, the sneaky piano, and lead singer, River Cuomo’s vocals electrify your ears.



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