Fall Out Boy’s “Wintour”Brings Warmth to the Season

FOB at MSG. Shot by Meghan. 

Fall Out Boy’s four members rocked their fourth show at Madison Square Garden. After 15 years of existing as a band (disregarding the two year hiatus), the pop-rock/alternative band has worked its way into the hearts of people of all ages. The setlist included 22 songs from 6 different albums and, if you can snag tickets before the end of the tour, it’s an absolute must-see.

The first time that I can recall listening to Fall Out Boy was when I stole my uncle’s first generation iPhone and downloaded Tap Tap Revenge (an app that was essentially Guitar Hero, but for your fingers). Ever since then, I was hooked. This means that I’ve been listening to FOB for approximately half of my entire lifetime. This concert flew by, but also filled me with a deep sense of nostalgia.

PVRIS (who I missed because I was eating dinner) and AWOLNATION were the openers for the show. AWOLNATION had a great performance, but I’m not so sure that they were the best choice. This might be because the ages in the crowd ranged from 8 to 38: the older people in the crowd seemed to be far better versed with their songs. They played 6 songs, including “I Am” and “Sail”. Their lead singer, Aaron Bruno, bounded about the stage with tangible passion.

FOB’s set started with an epic entry to their latest single, “Irresistible”. It was immediately followed by one of their most popular songs/a throwback to 2005, “Sugar We’re Goin’ Down”. I was pretty surprised. For such an old song, it was odd to hear the song sound exactly the same as it did on my iPod all those years ago. It might have actually been better! This set my standards considerably higher for the rest of the show.

Understandably, because it’s the most current, a third of the show was comprised of songs from American Beauty/American Psycho.

FOB at MSG. Shot by Meghan. 

Each song was accompanied by visuals that were appropriate for the mood. The stage was lit with red, white and blue for “Fourth of July” with fireworks on the screens, and edgy-rock animations and drawings were displayed during other performances. My favorite visual/audio pairing was during “Save Rock and Roll”, during which David Bowie’s famous lightning bolt, later followed by his face, were displayed. It was a very intimate, sentimental moment for everyone present.


I could talk about how amazing the performances of each song were but, in all honesty, words can’t do this band justice. After 15 years, it is clear that they are confident and skilled. Their execution was flawless.

What impressed me most that night was the honesty of it all. Fall Out Boy isn’t exactly theatrical. Their statements are in their lyrics. They did utilize the stage, but they didn’t go crazy with effects.

Mid-show, Pete Wentz stopped to address the crowd– after a quick hand-raising/cheering survey, it was concluded that roughly half the audience had already seen the band at least once before. This didn’t take away any of the sold-out venue magic in my mind. If anything, I was more amazed. The fact that this band could create music that translates across a demographic successfully enough to bring back the same crowds is wild.

Through their discography, it is evident that Fall Out Boy has evolved, but so has its fans. “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” FOB, and hopefully I’ll see you again.



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