Jack Garratt: Phase

Jack Garratt via Twitter. 

Jack Garratt is a London based multi-instrumental musician who creates passionate electronic pop music . Being one of the nine artist on our artists to watch list this year, his long awaited debut album, Phase just prove why 2016 is going to be his year.

After winning this year’s BBC Sound Of 2016, which belonged to Years & Years, Garratt immediately made a name for himself in the music world. Phase (Deluxe) is a two disc, 19 track album which was well worth the wait.

Jack Garratt constructed a beautifully composed masterpiece that truly makes the listener feel and reflect. For an artist to have such a powerful debut is incredible to see, since all of their hard work has lead up this moment. Garratt’s sound is a mixture of electronic, pop, and R&B. Those sounds collectively come together with a soulful voice and smooth transitions from one song to the next. It’s genuine, it’s real.

The thing about Phase was once I listened, I automatically felt a connection because it’s an album bursting with emotions. The first disc is composed of 12 tracks, which include his singles , “Weathered,” “Breathe Life,”and “Worry.”  Garratt’s vocals are something special hitting those groovy high notes. “The Love You Are Given”  is heartbreaking track in which Garratt pleads,  “I’ve been trying to give you my love, but you won’t let me.” “Surprise Yourself” on the other is inspiring and just hits the listener on a personal level. The song hits the choir like “oooo ohhh ooo’s” and then suddenly beat drops which makes the listener feel like they’re in a movie.

Best Song: “My House Is Your Home” is the most powerful song off Phase. The piano arrangement meshed with Garratt’s vocals give the song an emotional vibe like nothing I’ve heard before. The song itself is truly a gift. Garratt is raw and sings from his heart about a life experience, fighting with demons. When everything is alright he offers his house as “your” home, a safe place where nobody will be harmed.

On the second disc there are 7 tracks that just keep getting better and better. “Falling” is such a tune with dramatic guitars and drums. “I Couldn’t Want You Anyway” is an effortless asking the question “Why isn’t that special someone with me?”  It’s a simple concept to grasp but Garratt worded the situation differently and made it into a lovely song.

It’s truly unbelievable that Phase was written and produced by one person. It even bumped off Adele’s 25 off the top spot on the U.K. mid week chart. For an up-incoming artist to dethrone Adele from the charts goes to show that this guy is one special musician. Jack Garratt deserves all the recognition for delivering an album that I now hold close to my heart. -y

Buy Phase here.

Listen to Phase here.

Tour details here.


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