Jan. 2016


Some songs I played on repeat throughout January. Here are some favorites. A great way to start the year. Listen to the full playlist here x.

Technicolour Beat // Oh Wonder

Duo Oh Wonder bring memorizing tunes. The combination of female and male vocals bring something spectacular. “Techniclour Beat” is smooth with various soft synths to sway the listener. Their debut album Oh Wonder is one I’ve been obsessed with.

Jitter // Grace Mitchell

At only 19, Grace Mitchell has already made a name for herself. Zane Lowe played “Jitter” on his Beats 1 show and ever since i needed it on repeat. It’s one of those songs that once you’ve listened to it, you can’t help but dancing and moving. The electronic feel is pop infused with R&B at it’s finest.

Pillowtalk // Zayn Malik

The heartbreak millions of teenage girl went through when dreamboat, Zayn Malik left one of the most successful bands in the world. Well, here is the outcome, a sexy lavish tune. “Pillowtalk” is catchy, having wide range vocals that Malik shows off. His debut, Mind Of Mine is expected on March 25.

1998 // Chet Faker Featuring Banks

During early January there was weekend where the rain was pouring nonstop, so I decided to put on some music and “1998” came on and fit the gloomy mood perfectly. The balance of both vocalist with a consistent rhythm gave the raindrops a feeling. I loved how the song embodied the weather and lifted up the mood of that stormy day.

The Sound // The 1975

The new era of this band is coming! Infectious pop music with meaning lyrics that need to be closely examined. The joyous gospel like chorus of “The Sound” brings the song to life. The 1975 sophomore I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful, Yet So Unaware Of It will be out February 26.

Roses // The Chainsmokers & ROZES

I actually first heard this song on the radio and my first reaction was “What the hell?” I fell in love with “Roses.” The various drops and rewinds in the song were magical. Ho the song first starts off slow with a unique controlled voice, then all of a sudden the song gets darker and boom the drop hits and you’re suddenly dancing.

Small and Silver // Wet

Wet’s debut album Don’t You was well worth the wait. The trio delivered an album filled with meaning. “Small and Silver” is a gentle song with an electric music feel. It’s a song that hooks you into wanting more. It’s  beautifully produced.

Weathered // Jack Garratt

This song is such a true gem. Jack Garratt truly a musical genius. “Weathered” is a song about life and how all of us grow up. Having elements of rock and electronic combined into one gives this song something special.  Plus Garratt’s voice is soothing.

Starman // David Bowie

Sad news broke on the 11th about Bowie. The starman himself ascended into the sky. He was a legend who transformed various elements. “Starman” is one of my personal favorites, so here you go. Rest in peace.


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