Artist To Watch: 2016

2016 will bring many unfamiliar faces to the music scene. Here we have nine artist you should be keeping an eye out for this year.

Oscar (Oscar Scheller)

The U.K.

Oscar is an artist I stumbled upon via spotify ad and the first thing I noticed was his “home” like voice. The upbeat feeling of his songs that instantly bring a sense of happiness. Oscar is soulful, real, and definitely and artist you should keep on your radar.

Twitter / Listen here x

Alessia Cara


At such a young age, Alessia Cara’s debut album “Know-It-All” was filled with heart. When she sings her voice can raspy but smooth at times. She is an artist that will only go up from here. The R&B/Pop elements in her music can reach broad audience.

Twitter / Listen here x

Hinds (Carlotta Cosials, Ana García Perrote, Ade Martín, and Amber Grimbergen)


An all girl piece hailing from Madrid can show you a thing or two about music. Inspired by the garage band scene, Hinds formed to make punk/pop tunes. They just releases their debut album Leave Me Alone on Jan. 8. Each Hinds song has it’s own personality and dimension, which gets people listening.

Twitter / Listen here x

Tei Shi (Valerie Teicher)


Accidentally discovering Tei Shi through a mini poster on a bathroom wall at The Lyric LA, then seeing her live when she was the support act for Years & Years, I knew that she was an artist to keep listening to. Tei Shi is an electric pop singer-songwriter. Her music is quite relaxing and energetic. Composed of various melodies and synths to bring her music to life. She will be performing at the Coachella Music Festival this year.

Twitter / Listen here x

LANY (Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss)

Nashville/Los Angeles

Alt-pop trio, LANY is the band you want to know. LANY’s music is upbeat dreamy pop music, mixed with a bit of R&B influences. The heavy synths and beats makes this band unique. Just recently before 2015 ended they signed with Polydor Records and are now set to support both Ellie Goulding and Troye Sivan this year.

Twitter / Listen here x

Hippo Campus (Jake Luppen, Nathan Stocker, Zach Sutton, and Whistler Allen)


Hippo Campus is a four piece indie rock band that is ready to take over 2016. The band produces infectious music that once you listen, you will need to hear more. The band’s heavy guitar riffs, sax, and a killer bass. Their latest five track EP South showcases their best material yet. Hopefully 2016 will bring a full length album.

Twitter / Listen here x

Jack Garratt

The U.K.

Singer Jack Garratt caught my attention when Zane Lowe played his single “Weathered” on his Beats 1 show. Garratt’s soulful raspy organic voice can go both high and low. His material is well rounded with various instruments like synths, piano,  and an electric guitar  to accompany him. He is now the winner of this year’s BBC Sound of 2016 which only proves you need to know who he his. He be headlining The Fonda on March 11.

Twitter / Listen here x

BØRNS (Garrett Borns)

Michigan/Los Angeles

Since his release of his debut album Dopamine, BØRNS has been playing show after show. Having a sweet angelic voice, which can hit a high falsetto can bring success. His music is dreamy which makes you just want to lay down and admire that special somone. BØRNS is passionate artist who can produce a catchy indie pop album.

Twitter / Listen here x

Toro y Moi (Chazwick Bradley Bundick)

South Carolina/Berkeley

I was late on finding out who Toro y Moi is, but as the saying goes better late than never. The sound of Toro y Moi is smooth electric pop-rock. “Buffalo” is one of the first songs I have ever heard and it was catchy uptempo tune that got you going. Having collaborated with Travis Scott this past year who knows what Toro y Moi could be planning next.

Twitter / Listen here x





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