December Playlist


These are a couple of songs put together depending on the weather and the mood of December. The year is almost over, so here’s a couple of songs I’ve enjoyed listening to this month. Listen here x.

Scars To Your Beautiful // Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara is one of the biggest breakout artist of this year. “Scars To Your Beautiful” is an uplifting song to all the people who deal with insecurities.  The song is soulful filled with caring words. Cara’s voice fits the calming tone of the song. She sings, “You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are.” That lyric can impact many and Cara sends a this message through a beautiful song.

Hymn For The Weekend // Coldplay

Coldplay always release the best of the best. With the help of Beyonce, Coldplay deliver their most pop/party tune yet. “Hymn For The Weekend” starts off with Beyonce’s vocals and then later meshes with lead singer, Chris Martin’s voice. The song itself is groovy. The beat is very energetic and just makes you want to dance.

Venus Fly // Grimes Feat. Janella Monáe

Grimes’s forth studio album, Art Angels is something I’ve never listened to before. The uptempo song, “Venus Fly” is one of my favorits off the record. Having Janella Monáe featured on this song gives the song an extra exciting twist to the song.

2Seater // Tyler The Creator

The jazz like song “2Seater” shows a different side of rapper, Tyler The Creator. The piano and sax instrumental shows how meaningful Tyler actually is. The song is filled with genuine passion, which is heard in Tyler’s voice. Plus the ending half of the song contains a hidden track called, “Hair Blows.” The guitar and drum mesh give off a cinematic vibe, which just makes you fall in love with the entire song again.

Apparently // J Cole

The Grammy nominated song, “Apparently” is a song no one can ignore. J Cole has been in the game for a while now but what got him the most buzz was his album called, “2014 Forest Hills Drive.” The song is catchy and the beat is steady.

Leaving LA // Tobias Jesso Jr.

“Leaving LA” is something I’ve never heard of. the sound of the song is very unique. Tobias Jesso Jr.’s voice is very soft in the way that this song showcases that. I really don’t know how to describe this song because it indeed is something magical. He is raw and emotional about “she”  in “Leaving LA.”

Youth // Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan keeps stepping up his game. “Youth” is the type of electric-pop people should be searching for. “Youth” starts off slow but as soon as the synths kick in the song starts to get dramatic. The beats get you dancing and moving. “Youth”  is very infectious and can not be ignored.

Ugh! // The 1975

The 1975 released the second song their sophomore album called “Ugh!” The title is interesting but the song was unexpected. “Ugh!” is moody and energetic. The funky beats and killer bass transform this song to something revolutionary.  It’s the band’s best song yet. Plus the video filled with colors is way too good.

AM // One Direction

Off of “Made In The A.M.” the track “AM” is an acoustic/folk song that transformed the band. The band shows how the album title got it’s name. The usual one direction is very pop like this song is very low tempo and personal. “AM” gives a sense of security and love, which their fans love it more.



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