The 1975 Live at Club Nokia

The return of the Manchester natives to Los Angeles was nothing but colorful. A sold out Los Angeles crowd came with energy and passion on a school night. (Wednesday, 16th) The four piece brought along their friends Swim Deep for support.

Swim Deep opened with “King City” which alludes to an actual city up north of Los Angeles. All of the members were pleased and overwhelmed to be playing in LA. Swim Deep also played a couple of their new songs off of Mothers, “Namaste” and “To My Brother.”

Once nine o clock hit the static buzzing of the art installation set hit. The band all walked out, the buzzing sound reached it’s climax and a bright pink color flashed the audience. The band opened the show with the pop infused “Love Me” which got everyone singing.

This band never disappoints and their fans clearly never lose interest. The stage set up with four huge rectangular prisms which change colors to every different song. It was quite the gig. Frontman Matty Healy couldn’t contain himself while he danced away stating, that Los Angeles is the band’s second home.

They played some of the songs off the first album like, “Settle Down”, “Girls”, “The City”, and “So Far (It’s Alright)”, just to name a few. The live sax wasn’t left out as heard in “Heart Out.” Healy gave a talk about living in the moment and being here now. He said, “We’re all here. We’re all alive at the same time. That’s cosmically impossible!” He got everyone to put their phones down for one song to be in the moment. “Me” was beautifully played full of raw emotion.

New songs like off the upcoming record were played, and this record is going to blow people away because the music goes off in a different direction. There’s more pop, there’s weird beats, there’s more feeling. “Somebody Else” was groovy and reminded me of pure bliss just like the shade of colors were being projected. “The Sound” was a song you couldn’t resist dancing too. For some reason the song gave me a bit of a Michael Jackson vibe. Everyone in the venue jumped as the white lights flickered.

The most cinematic part of the show was when the band played “Medicine.” The background set transformed to a city full of lights. They then took it back to 2013 and played “Chocolate” and closed the show with “Sex.” Their sophomore album, I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It is set to release February 26. The 1975 will be back on tour next year with a LA stop on April 18. -y

Listen to The 1975 here.

Listen to Swim Deep here.


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