Hunny Live at The Echo

Hunny the band. Shot by Yesenia.

The coolest little venue in LA that is not really noticeable, unless you see a fan base lined up right beside it. The Echo is a gem with a sold out crowd last Friday as Hunny made their hometown stop.

Local bands, Casinos and Gateway Drugs opened for the headliner. Casinos is a soothing four piece rock band. Their set was full of passion which is always great to see. Every member had their own personality in the way they played. The keys were a great addition to their dark groovy sound. “Catacombs” was performed live with Derek Ted and it was magical. If they wanted new supporters they sure got them. Gateway Drugs on the other hand was loud. The bass and drums overpowered the lead singers vocals. The feedback hit people right in the heart. Interesting to see where this band takes their music next.

By 11 that night Hunny was on the stage and opened with lovable “Natalie.” The whole crowd went crazy, jumping, dancing, and singing at the top of their lungs. There was nothing but good vibes at The Echo. Lead singer, Jason Yarger (center) was overwhelmed with the home crowd having so much support for this band. Kevin Grimmett, Keyboardist, (far left) told the corwd that he’s been coming to the venue since he was about 14 and to sell it out was a dream.

The six piece played all five songs off of Pain/Ache/Loving and some new tracks that made be heard later on in the future. Hunny’s energy was at an all time high. When they played “Parking Lot”, Yarger put out all his emotions for the crowd because that song went hard. Jake Goldstien, Jacob Munk, and Greg Horne all danced and played with heart while Joey Anderson (back) killed the drums. During “July” the crowd yelled the lyrics “so honest and sweet” and it was a cool feeling to hear everyone sing-a-long.

Hunny never disappoints. Seeing this band grow throughout 2015 was amazing. They closed the show with their single “Cry For Me.” The powerhouse song gave the crowd much more of a reason to go mad. The lyrics, “Trading places with whatever feels good” caught me in the moment and I felt proud. I then realized that this band had come a long way, so this is what makes me feel good and I can’t wait to see what’s to come. -y

Listen to Hunny here.

Listen to Casinos here.

Listen to Gateway Drugs here.


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