Music Soundtracking Lives 


People nowadays usually have a pair of earphones on. They could be listening to anything, because they’re in control. The choice of listening to a certain song, artist, genre is up to them. Music is influential in someone’s life. Music can transform moments and change moods instantly. Through music friendships can arise, songs become remembered, and memories are never forgotten. Throughout the past months I have had the pleasure of asking the people around me what’s their take on music in their lives.

Life A Whirlwind, An Upcoming Chapter.

There’s a point in life where everything seems to change in seconds. Sometimes life seems to take forever to change. Adjustments, decisions, and deadlines need to be made. People then rely on music for their sanity.

Ramon Rendon, (CA) high school senior connects with “Battle Cry” by Imagine Dragons. He states that the song describes his feelings towards senior year and college. “‘Nobody can save me now’ from all the stress that’s to come in the next stage of my life.”

Meghan Mahar, (CT) also a high school senior is going through the same emotions as Rendon. She relates to “Turnin” by Young Rising Sons. At the beginning of her senior year she felt the amount of pressure on her every move. Mahar states, “High school is a stressful place and the future doesn’t seem bright while you’re in it. For awhile, I was totally lost and overwhelmed with the stress of it all, academically, socially, etc…This song is about being lost, but still holding onto your passion your “fire” and seeing things come together as a result. That’s how I’ve felt. And it’s performed by a great band that’s even better live.”

College student, Alyssa Quintero (Bay Area, CA) has reassured herself that life will work itself out. Quintero selected “Be Alright” by Kehlani. “The song is pretty much about reassuring yourself that everything will work out and not to stress so much from life and other things.. I have to remember that everything will be alright.”

Memories Reborn Through Music.

People relate to the beat of a song or lyrics that remind them of a specific event. Music is known for ticking a special area in your brain to remembering details of a moment in your life that you always want to experience.

Sam Slot (Houston) states that “Easy Now” by Sir Sly connects to her personal moment with someone special at the time. Slot says, “Early 2014, I spent most of my restless nights and adventurous days with someone very special to me. We found ourselves getting caught up in each other’s flaws not quite knowing how to handle it and it ended up tearing us apart. A lot of things happened and hearts were broken, and I spent many nights laying awake listening to ‘Easy Now’ on an endless loop until the sun rose. Each day, getting easier and easier to deal with the situation.
Although it wasn’t a happy memory, it will always be a song I look back on and be grateful for.”

Deisha Jordan, (CA) also high school senior always connects with “Atlas” by Coldplay because that song always takes her back to a special moment in time when meeting actor Josh Hutcherson. “I remember the day clearly. Waking up early. Getting dressed. Trying not to overthink the day to come. It was when I was on my way to Nokia that my iPhone started playing Atlas. The familiar melody rang out through my earphones somewhat calming my nerves. That was the day I met my favorite celebrity; my idol, my everything. That song will always be important to me because it happened to be there for me, the way any immaculate song should, on that very special day.”

Jen Carpenter, (North of England) will always remember “Border” by Years & Years, in the moment of facing and overcoming  her fears. “I was in a concert and I’d traveled and gone against my social anxiety properly for the first time and the lyrics caught me in the moment. I was feeling free and independent.”

Niall Senior, (Halifax, West Yorkshire) remembers the time when he talked with singer, Christina Grimmie via social media to help him in a tough time he was going through. “‘With Love’ by Christina Grimmie is very meaningful to me as she wrote the song for her fans (I’m a huge fan) and it’s about how we are constantly holding her up with love and I can relate back to the song as she’s helped me, and many other fans with very personal things and she’s always there to help. I’ve had conversations with her through DMs at 6am in the morning and they’re so helpful and she really truly cares for her fans! I know a lot of people say this and it’s pretty cliche but she really does!”

Soundtracks Of Individuals.

Many of us decide that one particular song will describe one’s true self. That song just sticks to them because it’s special and holds their individual hearts.

Lana Charara, (MI) picked “Someone Like You” by The Summer Set because that song soundtracks herself. She states, “Well they’re one of my favorite bands, and this song was always one of my favorites the moment I heard it. I guess it’s supposed to have a romantic message, but I still feel a connection. Just like the lines, ‘You love the sing along when you don’t know the words’ and ‘You roll the windows down when it’s starting to rain’ it just reminds me of myself. Like if someone wrote a song about me, I would hope they would add lame details about me like these, just like little things that were special. It’s just things that I do that makes me see myself in the song. Also, when I heard it live, I couldn’t help but cry? None of their songs are super emotional, and this one has never made me cry, but live it did. It has such a sweet meaning to me even though my interpretation may stray away from what they were intending. It just makes me feel good.”

Paola Alexandra Monreal, (Dallas) knows that “Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop” by Landon Pigg reminds her of herself. “The lyrics and the music. like the music just reminds me of myself you know I’m a very soft and calm person! Better defined as an introvert. Now lyrically, I can only relate to it by not being in love with a person but in love with the coffee shop itself!” she explains.


In my personal life I’ve been a bit stressed out as well. That’s how life is, there’s ups and downs. It’s whatever comes and goes. The song I most connect with right now would be “The Luck Has Gone” by Circa Waves. Besides the song’s upbeat tempo, I relate to the lyrics the most. “We got a lot to learn, The luck has gone and left me. So I wait my turn.” I will wait for whatever comes my way. -y


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