November Playlist

October took a detour to welcome a windy November. Finally getting cold enough to wear boots and more than one layer. As fast as the winds are blowing the music world is growing. Various artist put out new music for music lovers to enjoy. Listen here x.

Ch-Ching // Chairlift

Premiering on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Show Chairlift has come back with a bang. The hook, the jazzy beat, the feel is so soothing. It’s a good type of different that fuels your soul. The tune is so catchy that it’ll never leave your head.

Violet // Hippo Campus

I discovered this band a long time ago, but their South EP delivered something completely to my ears. It was something about their empowering guitars that me feel unstoppable. “Violet” is a headbanging tune.

All Your Yeahs // Beach House

Hypnotic and dark “All Your Yeahs” brings out a sensational soothing feel to fall. Having produced two albums in a year is mind blowing but Beach House can fully produce something spectacular.

Leave You // Sir Sly

Sir Sly took a little break but their debut You Haunt Me still brings out some emotions once in a while. The repetitive funky beat balances out the drums while leader singer, Landon Jacobs calls out how he could never go back to the way things were.

American Money // BØRNS

Garrett Borns, aka BØRNS vocals are unique, perhaps a male version of Lana Del Rey. “American Money” is such a jam. His voice suits the groovy  feel of the song. Plus the lyrics are nothing but catchy, which makes it more pleasing to a listener.

Love Me // The 1975

Welcome to a new era. These Brits have always found a way to innovate music. “Love Me” is a completely different sound than “Chocolate” or “Robbers” which makes this band even more special. The lyrics are filled with many hidden meanings.

Single // The Neighbourhood

Having their sophomore album Wiped Out! be a great follow up to I Love You. “Single” starts off very sweet and soft then as leader singer Jesse Rutherford sings about his girl, the beat then mysteriously slides in a dark serious mood.

Si Si Me Voy // Swim Deep

A British band singing verses in Spanish, yeah that’s right. “Si Si Me Voy” coming off of Swim Deep’s album Mothers is the unique one off the album. The funky beats  and guitars give off a joyful feeling. Plus the translations of the verses are “yes yes i’m going”, “i am happy”, and “i am brave”.

Cherry Picking // Girlpool

Hailing from Los Angeles, duo Girlpool aka Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad is very underrated. “Cherry Picking” is off their album Before The World Was Big. It’s a very mellow song with a lot of heart. The song itself starts slowly then evolves into speeds up as the duo belts out lyrics.


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