Local Artist To Watch: Slow Hollows

Slow Hollows. Shot by Yesenia. 

Age is just a number. Talent is something else.

To find the best music in the city of Los Angeles is a bit hard. Everyone is trying to make a name for themselves. Bands are running here and there throughout the city to play a various events to gain attention. There are other  bands who let the people come to them, and when the people show up they’re instantly hooked. Those bands happen to be hidden gems that world is slowly beginning to find.

Slow Hollows (formally known as Hollows)  is a L.A. based band composed of Dylan Thinnes, Austin Feinstien, and Nick Santana. Musically they’re one of the most talented bands I’ve heard this year. Their sound is a mixture of punk/grunge /rock vibes and it’s so addictive. They also help run their own label, Danger Collective Records. DIY is literal with these guys.

Their first album I’m Just as Bad as You Are, (released under Hollows) was just a taste of what this band was capable of doing. The eight track album gave a “hey, watch me rule the world” vibe. All the songs are unique. “818” and  “I’m Just As Bad As You Are” are both the strongest songs and in a way relaxing.

The growth from I’m Just as Bad as You Are tAtelophobia is astonishing.  Atelophobia is composed of ten memorizing tracks. The foundation of this album is brilliant. Feinstien’s vocals are hypnotic which powers and gives every song a purpose. Plus the guitars are so dreamy that nobody can ignore it. “Dark Comedy” goes hard. Those polarizing riffs and drums scream “teen angst”.

The transitions from “The Art School Kids”  to “The Political Kids” and “Okay” to “Atelophobia” memorizes my soul. There are only a few band who can actually pull that off and Slow Hollows is one of them. The lyrics make people think and go into deep reflection. Listening to Atelophobia detoxifies your worries and problems. Once listening to the record you won’t stop. This band knows when to over power and when to just be calm and balanced out. Highly recommended this band because it’s just the beginning for them. Better keep your ears open. -y

Listen to Slow Hollows here.


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