Hunny: Pain/Ache/Loving

Hunny the band. Shot by Yesenia.

Honey? No it’s Hunny!

There’s something beyond the Sepulveda Pass that is making it’s way around town and to your ears. A couple of electrifying guitars, sick drums, and a passion for music drives this six piece band called Hunny.

Jason Yarger , Jake Goldstien , Jacob Munk, Kevin Grimmett, Greg Horne and Joey Anderson are all friends who got together to make music. Three guitars, keys, bass, and drums. Talk about loud alright. Hunny has been playing shows before and after their single “Cry For Me” released. (Which was the first song included in my May Playlist, btw) That single showed how driven they are. “Cry For Me” was just a taste of what they were capable of. Now they’ve released their first EP called Pain/Ache/Loving.

Pain/Ache/Loving is one special EP. Hunny mixes various punk, pop, and rock techniques, that influences each individual song. The mysterious energy is felt from it which makes it addicting to play over and over. From the moment the first song starts till the last song ends, you forget your surroundings and focus your attention to unique sound of Hunny. Then you remember that this is ONLY an EP.

The five song EP delivers hard old school vibes, but at the same time the material is so fresh. “La Belle Femme” is beautifully composed almost giving a bit of LANY’s synth vibes. Starting off soft then boom the mood jumps as Yarger asks “What would I do if I was with you?” Oh and the guitars at the end finishes it off perfectly.

“Natalie” hurt somebody real bad. The up tempo song shows where the EP name came from. “Your pain, your ache, your loving.” This song is infectious that once it’s in your head you won’t stop singing.

Best Song: “July” is futuristic. From the moment it starts, you can’t help but start moving. It’s groovy and original. The lyrics “You are a past life…..Chewed up by July” give off a “be careful about growing up” message. And those guitars that can’t be ignored boy oh boy.

“Parking Lot” is so bad ass. Yarger goes out by proclaiming how he “Should have kissed that girl in the parking lot.” The beginning chords reminds me of  Survivors “Eye Of The Tiger” because of it’s repetitive dark tone. The keys in this song is something magical because it blends so well with the guitars, bass and drums.

After seeing these guys a couple of times this year I knew they were special. Their stage presence says it all. The way all members move and dance while they play their instrument shows that they love what they’re doing. If you’re looking for something new Hunny are the guys you don’t want to miss. They’re currently on The Flood Tour with their friends The Neighbourhood and Bad Suns. -y

Buy Pain/Ache/Loving here.

Listen to Hunny here.

Tour dates here.


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