August Playlist

FullSizeRenderGoodbye summer, hello school life. The heat still keeps coming in the music world. Various dropped albums, others showcased their talent via singles, and some songs just seamed to fit the summer. These were some of my favorites from this past month. Listen here x.

Hotline Bling // Drake

Drake debut “Hotline Bling” on OVO Sound Radio, courtesy of Apple Music back in July. This song just proves that Drake can deliver uniqueness. His sound has transformed. The tone is very mysterious which attracts listeners more. The “love/relationship” lyrics can relate to many.

Leave A Trace // CHVRCHES

Electronic group, CHVRCHES can do no wrong. “Leave A Trace” is groovy in every sense. The synths aren’t over done and don’t over power Lauren Mayberry’s vocals. Mayberry’s voice contributes to the song so gracefully. CHVRCHES latest album is set to release later this month.

Seventeen // Alessia Cara

Singer Songwriter Alessia Cara came out of nowhere. After seeing much talk of her well awaited EP, Four Pink Walls there had to be something special. Cara’s smooth silky voice was something refreshing to hear. “Seventeen”, is such a tune. The lyrics of being humbled and growing up fit perfectly.

Cry Baby // Melanie Martinez

Some of you may already know of Melanie Martinez. She started her career on popular tv Show The Voice. Now she’s getting to show the world her music. “Cry Baby” off her debut album is a bit creepy, in a good way. Her edgy voice fits her pop/electronic sound.

I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) // Jamie xx Feat. Young Thug & Popcaan

As soon as this song starts listeners will automatically start moving. The r&b, reggae, electronic sound is interesting. The sound mashes well together to bring a well developed party song. Jamie xx the beatmaker/producer is revolutionizing sounds. This song is sensasonal and proves that there will indeed be “good times”.

Terrence Loves You // Lana Del Rey

The ever-so flawless Lana Del Rey release of “Terrence Loves” is a sneak peak of what’s to come next. The soft cinematic song relaxes the listener with her sweet memorizing voice. This song is beautifully composed in every way. Lana’s up coming album, “Honeymoon” drops this month.

Beautiful Words // Oscar

Accidentally discovering Oscar lead to finding his EP, Beautiful Words. Oscar is another example of the talent coming out of the U.K. “Beautiful Words” a pop like ballad is blissful. Oscar’s voice is another hidden gem waiting to be shared with the rest of the world.

Campus // Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend has been on hiatus for so long, but their music is always fitting. Since summer is technically over and school starts, “Campus” is the song that will pump you up. The song starts off slow, but later the cords progress to get stronger. Plus lyrically all students will understand the feeling.

No Drama Queen // Grouplove

Straight off the Paper Towns movie soundtrack, indie rock band Grouplove brings “No Drama Queen”. Each instrument used is heard and balanced. The song gives off an adventurous “let go of everything” vibe. A perfect song to end the summer.



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