The Vamps Live at Club Nokia

The Vamps. Shot by Yesenia.

U.K. based indie-pop band The Vamps hit the road this summer on their first headlining tour, and it was a great one. Their last stop on this tour was in Los Angeles at Downtown LA’s own Club Nokia, August 8th. James McVey, Tristan Evans, Bradley Simpson, and Connor Ball (as pictured above) gave their heart out for this crowd. They had a bit of help from their friends, Before You Exit and The Tide.

Both opening acts were distinctly different. Before You Exit was surprising. I came in knowing nothing about them, but I’m sure they gained new fans as the night went along, one which included myself. Their harmonies synced perfectly, plus their pop tunes gave a feel good vibe. The Tide were a bit younger. As a new band they showed potential by being edgy.

After following The Vamps for the past two years, seeing growth in this band is incredible. Opening up with “WIld Heart” was heart bumping because they whole crowd was lively and jumping. Then “Hurricane” energized the crowd which was spectacular. “Somebody To You” got everyone signing along which showed just how strong of a following The Vamps have.

Each band member had a special moment for themselves. They showed their “special place” what they got. Tristan had a drum solo, which really pumped everyone up. James sang the soft “Move My Way” which rhythm was delightful. Connor covered both “Dear Maria, Count Me In” and “Sugar, We’re Goin Down”, and lastly Brad sang the genuine “Shout About It” with his acoustic guitar.

The Vamps didn’t forget their roots covering a mash up of “Uptown Funk”, “Shake It Off”, and “We Can’t Stop”. The crowd kept feeding off the band’s energy. The most memorable song of the night was, “Can We Dance” the song that started it all. Every single person in that crowd that night was carefree. All sang along to the catchy tune. It was an incredible way to end the night surrounded by good people and fun music. -y


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