July Playlist


A black and white summer turns colorful. July brought gloom, rain, and even some thunderstorms. Seems like all hope had been lost for a hot warm summer, but fear not Los Angeles weather should never be doubted. Here’s a track by track breakdown of my July Playlist. Listen here x.

Ex’s & Oh’s // Elle King

Besides being the daughter of Rob Schneider, Elle King proves that she has talent. “Ex’s & Oh’s” has influences of country/rock, with a catchy pop hook. King’s voice is very precise and unique which makes the song irresistible.

Can’t Deny My Love // Brandon Flowers

“Can’t Deny My Love” brought me a old-school diner vibe. Off of The Desired Effect, Flowers keeps delivering new things. He maybe the frontman of The Killers, but his solo content keeps surprising everyone.

First // Cold War Kids

California natives, Cold War Kids can not be stopped. “First” gives hardcore tune for the summer. The tone set reminds me of a relaxing hike. There’s always firsts for everything.

Beauty Queen // Fiona Grey

At the age of only 19, Grey is Los Angeles’s best kept secret. Her tender soulful voice can ignite a following. “Beauty Queen” is a bit mysterious with some electronic influences. The song itself a bit soothing to flow with Grey’s voice, and it’s only the beginning.

Bite Down // Bastille vs. Haim

Let the color emerge. Off of one of Bastille’s small projects, Bastille VS. Other People’s Heartache P.III, “Bite Down” is truly a gem. With the help of Haim, the song is enriches happiness. Dan’s voice mashes well together with Haim’s to give the song more power.

My Type // Saint Motel

Trumpets, guitar, and a silk drum beat transforms summer. Saint Motel release of “My Type” has skyrocketed. The song gets people from the start. Where ever you maybe, the office, the beach, stuck in traffic, this song will sure lift your mood.

Renegades // X Ambassadors

The serious one..two..three..four beat shapes “Renegades” to life. Despite having this song associated with a Jeep, it grabbed my attention when I heard a genuine voice. It’s a soft tune for the summer.

Not Letting Go // Tinie Tempah Ft. Jess Glynne

Summer is written all over “Not Letting Go”. Tinie Tempah’s upbeat lyrics keep this song fresh. Then adding Jess Glynee’s voice complements a well balance of fun and soothing elements.

Drag Me Down // One Direction

First single since Zayn Malik’s departure just shows how focus One Direction’s mindset is. “Drag Me Down” is filled with a fast electric feeling. Plus these boys didn’t hold back the famous “beat drop”. Every voice is heard equally and the shows that the same group of girls won’t ever stop supporting.



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