Artist To Watch: XYLØ

XYLO via Instagram.

Who said siblings don’t get along? Meet LA’s own brother-sister duo, XYLØ (like xylophone). Chase (right) and Paige (left)  Duddy have contributed astonishing tunes to the music world. The duo teased their first single back in 2014 with Pacsun’s Kendall and Kylie Jenner Back-To-School collection. With only three songs under their belt, the buzz behind them is well-worth the attention.

XYLØ is something truly special. The duo’s sound isn’t something heard before. Paige’s calming voice compels the listener, while Chase’s production brings the song to life. Their first single “America” hit over one million plays on soundcloud. The dark pop song exhilarates, starting off strong then softens to introduce Paige’s voice.

The second single “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” delivers a relaxing pop hypnotic beat. The song itself is quite effortless, like a couple of beautiful flowers in a meadow. While their latest release, “Afterlife” shows more of an edge. A couple of f-bombs here and there demands on wanting love. Plus the compelling howls fit the tone perfectly.

Only three songs show what XYLØ are made of. I’m sure they won’t be going anywhere. Their music only brings more curiosity on who they really are. Keeps everyone wanting more. The duo is currently working hard on more music. In due time an EP release will come. -y

Listen to XYLØ here.

More of XYLØ here.


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