Years & Years: Communion

Years & Years via Twitter. 

Thanks to the internet Mikey Goldsworthy (bassist, center) and Emre Turkmen (synth player, right) met at bar in London in 2010. Later on mutual friends, a house party, and some signing in the shower brought Mikey to Olly Alexander (lead singer/pianist, left). Fast forward to five years later there’s new singles, structural videos, and the debut album. Years & Years have kicked off New Music Friday’s with Communion. After it’s debuted July 10th, Communion is now officially No.1 in the UK.

The electronic trio has truly outdone themselves. This album is a component of Alexander’s experiences and emotions. It’s an open journal in which the listener embarks on a journey of love, hope, and disappointments. Electronic music can not get any deeper than this. “Dance music that you can cry to”, as Alexander describes.

The 17 track album starts off mysterious. The first track “Foundation” conveys dark pop. The jealous written “Real” follows up “Foundation” with toned up beats that makes the listener want to dance. The big three, “King” , “Shine”, and “Worship” were the first singles to come off this record. All three demonstrate soul. It’s inevitable that love hurts, but there’s always hope for change.

A bit of R&B influences are heard in both “Without” and the acoustic “Ready For You”.  While the new stripped back version of “Eyes Shut” brings chills. The newer songs, are much more diverse in sound. “Ties” sways moods unconditionally, while “Border” emphasizes sentimental emotions with various pop sounds. “I Want To Love” is catchy, and fierce. Even though it’s one of the most up-tempo “I Want To Love” musical foundation differs from it’s lyrical content. While “1977” brings a seducing cinematical vibe.

“Memo” a silk like ballad in which Alexander conveys feelings of unwanted love. Alexander uses male pronouns, which shocked a lot of people. He later on revealed that he himself was gay and in the music industry not many sing about it. He opens himself to others to show that it’s okay to be different. People will learn to accept and grow. As talented and “in the spotlight” Alexander is, he proves to be a normal human being like everyone else.

Best Song: The 10th track “Gold” is beyond upbeat and just plain happy despite the fact that the lyrics state otherwise. The synths are well done on this track. Plus Alexander shows more vocal range, where his voice is a bit smooth then escalates to power. “Gold” makes the listener want to jump and sing along, just like “King”. Who knows maybe “Gold” is “King” ‘s long lost cousin.

Worst Song: I was very picky so just listen. (P.S I’m very sorry)

Since the debut release, Years & Years have played festival after festival. Big Weekend ,Glastonbury, Latitude are some just to name a few. They had just enough time to cover The Weeknds’ “Earned It” and “Sweet Dreams” by Beyoncé during their hectic schedule. Plus another Late Night US TV appearance this time with Jimmy Fallon. There’s nothing but up for these guys. They’ll be playing Pomona’s own HARD Festival August 1st. And a month later in September they’ll be back to headline a bigger US tour. Years & Years has easily become one of the best up incoming bands of 2015. -y

Buy Communion here.

Listen to Years & Years here.

Catch Years & Years on their US Fall Tour. Info here.


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