Wolf Alice: My Love Is Cool

Wolf Alice via Instagram. 

Genuinely brilliant is appropriate to describe Ellie Rowsell, Joff Oddie, Joel Amey and Theo Ellis. (as pictured above) Signed to the renowned, Dirty Hit which is home of the beloved indie rockers The 1975, Wolf Alice is refreshing enough to sooth your soul. The four-piece alternative rock band delivered their debut album with a bang. My Love Is Cool brings a new sense of euphoria.

Teenage angst has taken over lingering senses. This youthful band put out a record that gravitates and defines emotions close to perfection. Elements of grunge, folk, rock, and a bit of pop inspired vibes give My Love Is Cool uniqueness. Having a frontwoman is a key piece. It’s different, because today the public isn’t very familiar with a female who can sing and play an instrument.

Wolf Alice formed in 2010 with only Ellie and Joff as members. Two years later, Theo and Joel were introduced. The band has released two EPs since then, Blush and Creature Songs. Both showcase what band Wolf Alice is, and leads up to their well awaited debut.

My Love Is Cool starts with a soft, loving song called “Turn To Dust”. The song is sync to the point where Rowsell’s high voice compliments the soft tone. The singles “Bros”, “Giant Peach”, and “Moaning Lisa Smile” have become the “go to” songs for the band. All three are powerful statement songs that label Wolf Alice as a band. These guys can go soft, yet challenge by adding some head banging grunge.

As the album continues, there are more elements of grunge rock as heard in the catchy hypnotic tune, “You’re a Germ” and the hardcore song “Fluffy”. During “Silk”,  Joel’s drums, Joff’s guitar and Theo’s bass start off soft, then as the song progresses the instruments get stronger. And Rowsell’s voice resembles a bit of Lana Del Rey’s.   “Swallowtail” is the most surprising off this album. The haunting song immediately grabs the listener’s attention, because it’s not Rowsell’s voice. It’s Joel Amey, the drummer (he does a bit of background vocals in other songs as well). That shift was unexpected which makes the song suitable. Bands don’t do that often, but the real ones throw in a curveball from time to time.

Best Song: Every song has its own story. It’s a bit hard to choose the best song off this album, so I selected two. After going back and forth multiple times, “Freazy” and “The Wonderwhy” are the best tracks. “Freazy” gives off an energetic tone an makes you want to get up and dance. It could be viewed as the pop tune, but the guitar riffs and emotion are there. “The Wonderwhy” on the other hand is the opposite of “Freazy”. “The Wonderwhy”, is a bit more edgy, but at times graceful. It closes out the album beautifully. Especially since at the very end of “The Wonderwhy” static separates the hidden little track in which Rowsell genuine vocals chill bodies. The stripped back part shows the listeners how My Love Is Cool got it’s name.

Worst Song: Not the worst song on this album, but the one song that can be left was “Soapy Water”. The song itself is great, but I don’t see what Wolf Alice was trying to do with it. The song didn’t really fit the album description.

There are bands like Wolf Alice that don’t come very often. These types of bands are special. Wolf Alice is one of the best up-incoming UK artist to date. Once again America has followed new music by adding “Moaning Lisa Smile” to Alt/Rock radio charts. It’s incredible to see how talented young people are getting because being “different” is the normal. -y

Buy My Love Is Cool here.

Catch Wolf Alice on tour. Info here.


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