Kitten Live at The Troubadour 

Kitten at the Troub. Shot by Yesenia. 

Loud, young, and talented is all you need to know. Females in music are ready to take over your ears. Frontwoman Chloe Chaidez of Kitten sold out The Troubadour this past Saturday. (June 6th) But she’s didn’t do it alone. With the help of Fiona Grey, Mereki, and Olivver night two of the Troubadour take over was a success.

Fiona Grey was unbelievable. Her energy and gracefulness pleased the anxious crowd. It was great to see her perform with so much happiness. She delivered emotions beautifully.

Mereki was also another amazing female. Her voice is very unique. She shows her abilities as a performer very well. Definitely will be checking her out.

Olivver the Kid, was stellar. He was interesting. The crowd, including myself was very familiar with his work. It was nice to see how he portrayed himself on that stage.

As the last set changed went underway, the home crowd was yet again anxious. “Take one. Pass it around.” , “Throw the balloons during the chorus of ‘Cut It Out’!” girls said as balloons were being passed out to the crowd. These mint green balloons were being blown up. I was very excited to see how it was going to work out.

The lights dimmed, the band went on, and the next thing happening was Chloe Chaidez walked on as the opening beats of “Why I Wait” played. She graced the stage with her raspy one-of-a kind voice, electrifying the crowd. The rock energy and persona were felt. Chloe’s voice delivers a securing tone, which makes me questions how good her ability is. During “Cut It Out”Chloe asked how her hometown was and took off her shoes to give it all she’s got. The balloons were let go and the sold out crowd danced away, which made a memorable scene.

After having to cancel and reschedule the second night of Kitten’s Return to LA, due to health, Chloe made it her mission to make the second night the best one yet. Boy, she did not disappoint. At the age of only twenty Chloe dominates. Her dance moves, her music, her voice show it all. During “Kitten With A Whip”, the whole crowd went insane as she sung and crowd surfed. Plus her cover of Sia’s song “Chandelier” and David Bowie’s “Heroes” were beyond words. Her vocal abilities were at an all time high that Saturday night.

The addition of the live sax fit perfectly. My personal all time favorite song is “Cathedral”. That song gives off a soothing, swaying feeling. With the addition of the sax, it honestly felt like the crowd was in a place of worship. The two softest song of the night were “Apples & Cigarettes” and “Kill The Light”, which was beautiful to watch. Even then the crowd kept singing. Closing out with the infectious song “Sugar”, yet again proves how Kitten is here for the long run. Following Kitten for over a year now, and patiently waiting for a show to attend, that Saturday night proved that the wait was worth it. -y

Listen to Kitten here. Buy Kitten’s album here.

Listen to Fiona Grey here.

Listen to Mereki here.

Listen to Olivver here.


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