Smallpools Live at The El Rey

Smallpools at the El Rey. Shot by Yesenia. 

The queue line stretched around the block. Cars drove by yelling, “What’s going on?”, “What is this?”, and “Who is here?”. All of these people are here for one reason, Smallpools. The LA based indie pop group closed out their Lovetap! tour with a sold out home crowd at The El Rey Theatre, on a Friday night. (May 29th)

The two opening acts, Hunter Hunted and the Grizfolk were spectacular. Hunter Hunted, blew me away. With the addition of a live violinist and sick beats, they gave the crowd a reason to dance. These guys didn’t disappoint. The Grizfolk on the other hand were a bit softer. Their pop folk tunes swayed the crowd, but still great. Both acts were perfect fits. I’m pretty sure they gained more support, which included myself.

As the crowd anxiously waited, a sudden symphony played and Smallpools walked on stage. Opening up with “Over & Over”, Smallpools lit up the El Rey. Sean Scanlon, vocals and keys (center) gave his all for his home crowd. Ever since their debut album Lovetap! released, they’ve gain tons of new followers. Their unique stylistic mood sets up a “home” sort-of feeling. Joseph Intile, (right) on bass proportionally fits with both Beau Kuther, (back) drums and Mike Kamerman, (left) guitar. All of instruments used sync up nicely together.

After following these dudes for a while, seeing them live was amazing. Smallpools know how to pump up a crowd. Every single person in the crowd sung together in unison to their songs. The crowd fed off Beau’s drum energy. During “What’s That A Picture Of?” and “Lovetap!”, frontman, Sean interacted with the crowd by jumping into and with them. He explained numerous songs, which gave an insight of what Smallpools has gone through.

Both songs “Karaoke” and “Mason Jar”, were enthusiastic. Those songs let the crowd loose. One of my personal favorite live was “9 to 5”. The guitar riff, Vampire Weekend inspired tune shows that maybe “some” people aren’t fit to work a 9 to 5 job. “Killer Whales” live was on another level. The Smallpools crew threw two inflatable whales into the crowd. During the song, everyone hit the whales like beach balls, making the concert an unforgettable experience. The crowd loved it! Smallpools closed out the El Rey with “Dreaming”, as every person sang and danced till the end. Highly recommend to see these guys live. They’ll be back on the road during the fall. -y

Listen to Smallpools here.

Buy Lovetap! here.

Listen to Hunter Hunted here.

Listen to The Grizfolk here.


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