Twenty One Pilots: Blurryface 

Twenty One Pilots via Tumblr.

Alt-pop duo, Twenty One Pilots (Joshua Dun, right Tyler Joseph, left) have yet again stunned everyone with their new album, Blurryface. After working and touring with their 2013 acclaimed album Vessel, for over two years, the Ohio natives got right back to work.

There is no doubt that Blurryface is phenomenal in every sense. The sound is composed of various reggae, pop, hip hop, rock, and r&b influences. All fourteen songs have a purpose. The album starts with a kick in the face tune, “Heavydirtysoul” which lyrical content comes from the famous street poetry video. Then continues with “Ride”, a reggae catchy thought-provoking tune. The ukulele didn’t disappear, as heard in “The Judge” and “We Don’t Believe What’s on TV”. While “Lane Boy”, a EDM inspired warning of what the real music industry is like.

Best Song: Is there even a best song on this album? Every song is composed, possibly to perfection. The strongest song on Blurryface is “Message Man”. That song delivers everything in four minutes. As much as it makes you want to get up and dance, it also makes you reflect upon tough decisions.

Worst Song: There is no worst song on this album. All of the songs are tied together as whole. But probably the weakest off Blurryface is “Not Today”. The lyrical content is amazing, but it could be viewed as the odd one out.

Blurryface tends to have a more mainstream feeling than Vessel. With electronic synths and rhythmic beats, the listener is captured and in sync with Tyler Joseph, lead vocals/pianist and Joshua Dun, drummer. The sound is different. The feeling is different. But the lyrical genius and the meaning is still there.

“These lyrics aren’t for everyone, only if you understand”.

Some listeners say that Blurryface didn’t live up to the “hype” or expectation Vessel had. On the contrary Blurryface hits the listener in every way possible. The release of the first three singles “Fairly Local”, “Tear In My Heart”, and “Stressed Out” show the passion and soul these guys put in for this record. As much as the listener hears Tyler pour out his thoughts, he or she will also hear Josh bang his heart out.

Tyler has kept expressing and sharing his emotions with the world through music. He has created this persona, called Blurryface. Blurryface stands for the inner demons, insecurities, and doubt people struggle with. Depression and Suicide are no jokes, but for both Tyler and Josh to openly talk about these taboo emotions is reassuring to anyone. (Especially the clique) These guys are vulnerable. They are real. Humbleness appeals to anyone, because the thought of having someone understand your struggles, can make you feel safe. Can’t wait to see what trick these guys have up their sleeves next. They are about to take over the world.  -y

Grab your copy of Blurryface here.

See Twenty One Pilots on their Fall Tour. Tickets here.


2 thoughts on “Twenty One Pilots: Blurryface 

  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself, way to go ❤ also I think hometown deserves a lil more love, that and message man are my faves 🙂 songs that make u happy and sad at the same time are so important!!! Ps love u yesenia sry just had to say it


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